Hot Bench Season 9: Syndicated Court Series Adds Two New Judges for the new Season

The panel-based court program “Hot Bench” made its first appearance in first-run syndication on September 15, 2014. Judge Judy Sheindlin of Judge Judy fame produces the show for CBS Media Ventures. She also developed the show’s concept along with executive producers Randy Douthit, Maureen Fitzpatrick, and David Theodosopoulos. James Glover is supervising producer of the show.

The Emmy-nominated Hot Bench is hailed as “the first-ever three-judge bench on television,” where litigants and witnesses seek justice from a group of judges who debate the merits of cases among themselves to reach a decision.

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With an average of two million views per episode, Hot Bench is the #1 syndicated court show. A trio of judges makes decisions on actual small claim cases from across the nation in each episode.

The arrival of New Judges on Hot Bench

The ninth season of the nationally televised courtroom drama Hot Bench will feature two new judges Yodit Tewolde and Rachel Juarez. They are joined on the show by Judge Michael Corriero, a veteran of six seasons of Hot Bench.

Judges of Hot Bench Season 9

Tewolde and Juarez, who will make their debut on October 31, take the place of Patricia DiMango and Tanya Acker, who left at the end of the previous season to join the new court show for Amazon Freevee Tribunal created by Hot Bench creator Judith Sheindlin.

Tewolde is a legal analyst who has hosted The Grio’s Making the Case, contributed to America’s Most Wanted, and worked as an anchor for Court TV. She is also a criminal defense lawyer who founded and served as the managing attorney of her own criminal defense firm.

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Juarez is a litigator who previously represented high-net-worth individuals in divorce and other family law matters. She previously handled civil cases for significant corporate clients. Additionally, she was chosen to participate in the Los Angeles County Superior Court Temporary Judge Program.

Corriero played a key role in putting programs in place that offer young offenders rehabilitation programs during his 28 years of service in the New York State Court.

Release Date and Where to Watch Hot Bench

Season 9 of Hot Bench will premiere on Monday, 31st October 2022. You can watch “Hot Bench” for free with advertisements on The Roku Channel or stream it on fuboTV.

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