Gandii Baat 2: An unwanted dose of Sexism and Misogyny in a world that Witnessed #MeToo

With the coming in of the digital platform, Indians are now getting to see the real sex stories without any censored scenes. ALTBalaji is one such medium to introduce a number of extensive real rooted Indian sexual stories from the Indian rural and small-town areas. With a number of shows such as Gandii Baat, XXX, Apaharan web series and so ALTBalaji has broken all the stereotype. But now, the TV giant is once again back with Gandi Baat 2, produced by the queen OF web series, Ekta Kapoor. Well, Gandi Baat was a massive a hit and thus, the sequel to arrive was a sure-shot.

Gandi Baat 2 has four short stories each of 50 minutes in length. The series surely gives us a hint to the sexual taboos that the people have to face in the rural areas. The first season clearly depicted that it was women empowerment and sexual liberation of women hidden under the sexual connotations. But, the second season did not quite well prove to be in parallel with the previous one. The tagline of the season is “Naya Saal Naya Maal”. This serves a great dose of sexism and misogyny in the first part itself. The series has everything that is not accepted for a world like today, nudity, harsh language and even misogyny.

Usually, when the topic of sexual content comes up, people do not approve of it. Moreover, Indians won’t ever. But, gradually people are accepting every aspect and sticking to it without ever revolving around. However, the web series is rich in the sexual content and has many explicit scenes. The web series makes an attempt too empower the homosexual and bisexual people but just getting out of article 377 won’t be of any help. Here, is the story in a jist.

Gandii Baat 2: An Unlikely Lesbian Affair

The homosexuality is the main content in the first two episodes and they are titled ‘Bai Sexual’ and ‘Judai Mahal’. As the show suggests, both the websites show the romance among two women and the story progresses extremely first.

In the first episode, Vaibhav has sexual relation with his wife, Neeta and Sajili, domestic help. Both of them beat him a child and they are named, Karan and Arjun. The oh-so-small Ekta Kapoor logic. But, doom arrives when Neeta comes to know about her husband’s affair with their domestic help. She decides to confront their maid but instead of the typical Indian drama of women fighting over men, we get the dose of a lesbian makes out. Well, that is something no one would accept in their normal senses.

Gandi Baat 2 Scenes

Gandii Baat 2: Bollywood and misogyny

It is not only the Karan-Arjun duo that we get to see in the first part. But, there are other such women-objectifying Bollywood songs continuously playing in the background such as Maiya Naiya and Laila Tujhe Lut Legi. From the very beginning, the web series does not fail in objectifying women. The sexism in the web series can be found anywhere from dialogues to plot line and even camera angles.

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The shots have been taking focusing on the women’s body which is extremely disturbing. Leave aside the camera angles, the dialogues and the erotic scenes are extremely disturbing. It offers complete objectification of women with an entire sense of sexism hidden in them. Such hints of ultimate sexism are found in the entire episode, “Gibraltor”. The entire episode is based on the problems the women have to face due to her ‘small breasts’. Well, this is not something you will obviously expect in today’s time.

Gandi Baat 2: The third- Swayamvar and weird twists

Gandi Baat 2 Lesbian Scene

Season 1 gave us weird concept women producing eggs of a snake. But this year’s season showed something even weirder. This time, the episode shows women get the opportunity to sleep with boys by selecting a comb from the earthen pot. This final episode is entirely based on ‘Love, Sex and Betrayal’. The head of the village, Sarpanch gives the chance to unmarried women to sleep with any another man for a time of two days. This is given to them to enhance the sexual chemistry. If the women get satisfied with their partners, the couple is eventually married.

Although the series shows the sexual liberation of women, this does not happen in reality. If you want to binge watch in the movie, you may not like to watch Gandi Baat. For a generation that demanded #MeToo women may not likely want to watch the web series. If it is for fun, you can do it.

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