Apaharan : The Next Mirzapur or Sacred Games, Checkout the Review

The trend of web series is rising in India, no doubt. With the introduction of so many video streaming platforms available online, you can get all the shows in your laptop or phone. The trend of the web series increased with the introduction of Netflix in India. Although there were web series in various YouTube channels, but introduction of video streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime and Netflix, web series gained exposure. ALTBalaji is one such leading video streaming platform. Like others, it has been giving away really good series.

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2018 saw the rise in of desi web series such as Mirzapur and Sacred Games. Both of these murder based web series left the audience confused and baffled. While Sacred Games is streaming on Netflix, you can for sure get your hands on Mirzapur on Amazon Prime Video. Amidst all this, ALTBalaji too brought in its original, Apharan , which is one of the most anticipated web series. Both, Sacred Games and Mirzapur were a great hit, and so Apharan  may too be one of them. ALTBalaji’s beginning of 2018 saw several successful web series with The Test Case, Ragini MMS Returns and Bose: Dead/Alive being the most successful ones. The gripping trailer of Apharan  did get the attention of the people.

Ever since Balaji received appreciation for its projects, it has been brewing in some fresh web series content. Apharan  starring Mahie Gill, Arunoday Singh and other stars is truly an entertainment.

Apharan Web Series Story

Arunoday Singh plays the role of a cop, Rudra Srivastava who has been arrested for being corrupted. But his life is even more miserable since he is fighting the feud for his wife being a disloyal woman. Amidst all this he meets a suspicious, strange woman played by Mahie Gill. This mysterious woman turns to Arunoday to seek help from him. She asks him to abduct her step-daughter. She is married to a Minister, and the minister is extremely fond of his daughter. This clearly makes it evident where the story is heading to. A jealousy of a step-mother towards her step-daughter.

The story comprises of a lot of twists and turns and things going wrong when you least expect it to. Arunoday abducts her but things go wrong when the step-daughter played by Monica dies. This brings a whole chaos in the overall scenario. The series takes you through a ride of all the badlands of India where bad luck and crime are great friends.

What is so fascinating about Apharan ?

Compared to all other series by ALTBalaji, Apharan  happens to be the great one. The title itself is enough to give your goosebumps. The web series stars big names such as Arunoday Singh, Mahie Gill, Nidhie Singh who are fantastic actors. The content of the web series is extremely gripping and interesting. Arunoday Singh always plays the man of misery and yet looks so charming. The narration of the web series may as well be new for the audience but it actually matches the concept. Undoubtedly, Arunoday plays the bad guy with full precision and masters his role.

Apharan vs Sacred Games

Coming to the female characters, they are all fantastic, charming and string. The female characters of Apharan  appears as if they are a compensation for all the weak submissive female characters they have brought up during the 90s and 00s. Mahie Gill remains to be the chapter of mystery and has outstanding her performance. She is not a cameo but has very few screen appearance. But whatever screen time she has, it is extremely gripping.

Nidhi Singh, the unfaithful wife of the disgraced cop is yet another major part of the series. Apart from that, there is Anusha, daughter of the minister played by Monica Chaudhary. This is extremely gripping for the female characters of the series have multi-faceted approach. Both, Monica Chaudhary and Nidhi Singh have given extremely tremendous performance. Monica’s characters gets to be the audience for a long time.

During the interviews, it was made clear that the web series was entirely inspired by the seventies. This, in some aspects stands out to be true too. The films from the seventies had too many twists in the plot with a long climax. Apharan  may want you to stick to your seats and enjoy it for a long time.

Leave aside the screen timing, the music of is extremely soothing too. The use of the retro music had been made in the best possible way.

What’s bad about the Apharan web series?

Everything has two sides- a good and a bad. Apharan  on the same time cannot be everything good. As a result, there is some subtle bad in Apharan . Mohinder Pratap Singh, the writer did come up with an engaging tale and Sanjay Batra (director) was no less to portray it in direction. In some of the screen times, the web series does get hold of a lot of emotions. The audience is sure to be hooked with moments like ‘oh no’. But the good fact in this case, the audience does not need to bear with the melodramatic emotional sounds of Balaji like it usually did.

The web series is full of plot twists. All of it is good and bad at the same time. You really don’t have an idea which twist will please you, and which will not. Ever since a long time, ALTBalaji did come up with an extremely engaging and watchable web series that is relatable to some extent. The mix of the desi flavour is extremely relatable and adds to the unique storyline of the web series.

The web series is 12 episodes long and is very different from the typical ALTBalaji style. Ever since the beginning it had been showing romance, thrillers but this desi web series is totally fresh. To some extent, it may remind you of Mirzapur and Sacred Games. So, if you have been a fan of both and are waiting for the second season, we suggest you watch Apharan  for a while. The strong cast of the web series is a perfect addition to this criminal thriller.

Watch Apaharan Web Series Online

The #AltBalaji web series can easily be watched online if you are a Vodafone, Airtel or Jio subscriber. Apahran web series was earlier launched on Vodafone Play App but now can easily be found on Airtel app or Jio cinema. Apaharan can be watched free on the options above. Did you find Apaharan interesting, please review the web series below,

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