First Eviction after Paloma Aguilar in Big Brother 24 with Week 2 Highlights

It’s official – the first vote of the season has been cast, and someone has already been sent packing! So who went home on ‘Big Brother 24’ in Week 2, Pooch or Taylor? Well! Initially, in week 2, Jasmine Davis planned to target Taylor. However, Pooch volunteered in week 2, and the housemates decided to evict him.

Joe Pooch Pucciarelli, a Florida-based footballer, was evicted from Big Brother 24 in week 2 after Paloma Aguilar left the competition in the first week. It’s because he volunteered to be a pawn in the episode. The episode didn’t air live on Thursday. Instead, the 2-hour event aired live on July 24, Sunday.

Highlights of Week 2 of Big Brother 24

Jasmine told both contestants that they were her pawns and she was using them to push the other out of the house, but Davis accepted her offer. Several of the alliances had initially planned to evict Hale. However, the decision of the housemates quickly shifted towards Pooch as he volunteered to be a pawn, and the housemates began to think Pooch might be a bigger threat in the upcoming game.

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Even Pooch’s closest friends, Joseph Abdin and Matthew Turner, also voted to send their friend home and keep Hale for another week. After he left the house, Pooch was blindsided by the move in an interview with Julie Chen. After a brief respite, Chen said each person would need to find a “festie bestie” to partner with for the rest of the game, throwing another wrench in their plans.

The pairs will compete altogether, meaning the person who wins Head of Household each week will also get to choose someone to be safe. The House of Head will be tasked with nominating just one pair of “besties” to be on the chopping block instead of naming two house guests for elimination each week. If either of them wins the vote, a new pair of “besties” will need to be nominated in their place.

The eviction process remains the same, but Chen said that only one house guest would be evicted weekly. Only time can say what will happen to the last remaining “bestie” and how this will effect everyone’s long-term strategy.

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