American Idol 2022 Winner: Noah Thompson Lifted the Trophy and Won $250,000 Prize Money in the Finale

America’s favourite singing reality show, American Idol, has given us many talented singers from its 20 seasons long run since 2002. Season 20 had us all at the edge. Who’s going to become the 20th American idol? This was the question everyone was eager to know. The season had its grand finale this Sunday with the top 3 finalists. This season also had Popular American media personality and producer Ryan Seacrest as the host. Plus, we had our favourite American Idol judges, Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie.

Top 3 Finalists

The American Idol Season 20 first aired its episode on February 27, 2022, on ABC. And after a few fiery weeks, the grand finale was held with the top 3 finalists. The audience knew from the very beginning who was going to be on the list. It was none other than HunterGirl. However, seeing Noah Thompson in the finale was something many people didn’t predict. The top 3 finalists were HunterGirl, Noah Thompson, and Leah Marlene.

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American Idol 2022 Finale Results

When Ryan Seacrest opened the envelope to announce the name of the winner, we all thought it was going to be HunterGirl. But Ryan said, “the winner of American Idol 2022 is Noah Thompson”. Well, it was not that surprising. Here’s the full result of this season.

  • Winner – Noah Thompson
  • 1st Runner-up –  Hunter Girl
  • 2nd Runner-up – Leah Marlene

American Idol 2022 Winner Prize Money

Each year the American idol winner gets a hefty amount of money. This year was no exception either. The American Idol 2022 Title and, along with it, the prize money of $250,000 cash and the American Idol 2022 trophy went to the winner of this season, Noah Thompson.

Know all about Noah Thompson

Born in Huntington on April 18, 2002, Thompson is the fourth consecutive male “Idol” champion. He is a country singer. From a very young age, country songs were his jam. He got addicted to country music due to his father. “My dad has always been a big influence on me,” says Noah Thompson. “He was always playing the guitar. In his sophomore year, Thompson studied guitar. The 20-year-old country singer’s journey on American Idol was no less than a movie script. The singer finally lifted the American idol 2022 trophy and the prize money.

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