Yellow Vest Movement: Causes, results and current scenario

Yellow vest movement is a political, popular movement that began in France by a group of people demanding economic justice. The movement however went on to grew to other parts of the world. The movement had began in 2018 when someone posted an online petition during may. The movement eventually gained momentum and a mass protest was drawn out in November, the same year. The movement came out as a result of many unsatisfied citizens. The large number of protestors were the ones who had not voted in favour of Macron during French Presidential election or were from complete different political parties.

Yellow Vest Movement: Causes

There were several reasons which fueled up the begin of the Yellow Vest Movement, and the most significant one was the rise in fuel prices. The increase in the carbon tax only contributed towards increasing the anger of people along with the austerity measures. Since it was a political movement demanding economic justice, the growth of globalist and neoliberalism contributed towards increasing the anger of the people. The repealing of the 2017 Wealth Tax was another major factor that served as a blow to the increase in the Yellow Vest Movement.

Yellow Vest Movement: Demands

Yellow Vest Protest

Fueled by different causes, this movement was aimed at various goals. The people came out in protests to demand economic justice and decrease in the fuel and petrol prices. Basically, these people aimed for a better standard of living. The minimum wage set in France was pretty low and all of them demanded justice and increase in the price. Since most of the protestors had not voted in favour of Emmanuel Macron, it becomes clear that the protestors wanted him to resign. The people weren’t satisfied with the governmental measures and demanded an improvement in them.  The austerity measures were becoming too hard to deal with and the people demanded an end to it. These protestors further demanded new constitutional and legislative initiatives.

Yellow Vest Movement: Results

Although complete grants haven’t yet been given, there were some concessions made for the people. These group of protestors had adopted some rigorous measures in retaliation to the governmental measures. All these people were out on the streets protesting for their rights. These people adopted measures such as blocking the roads, causing civil disobedience, breaking the traffic cameras and rioting. These protesters even put up barricades and turned to looting and stealing just to reach their motive.

The government granted a few concessions on the people such as cancelling the fuel tax. It further announced that the government won’t be making any changes in the price of Diesel and petrol in the coming six months. They also eliminated the overtime tax and rose the minimum wage to €100. The government however stated that the increase in minimum wage will be effective from 2019.

Current scenario

Post the concessions, the movement suppressed but once again came in the forefront since 28 January, 2019. This time, it was a huge uprising with 10000 people going on the streets to protest. However, to suppress these protests, another movement, the Red Scarves have now come up. In the 11th weekend, 69,000 people took part for the Yellow Vest move and now the Red Scarves are urging people not to join the rally.

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