How to get verified on Instagram?

After so many accounts being hacked, Instagram has finally come into realization of making the platform more secure for its billion of users. So, users who are able to can apply for the Instagram verification. Finally, they have decided to make the platform safe for users and all the unverified users can get their verification mark.

Blue ticks on Instagram are a very rare matter. Most of the big brands and public figures too do not have blue tick on Instagram. Having a blue tick on Instagram is a long lost matter and having one can be really confusing. Also, you should be aware that there is a black market where people get the option to buy blue ticks (verified marks) by giving out thousands of bucks. Although it is mysterious, a small blue tick on your account can create a lot of buzz.

It’s yet not been confirmed as in how many verified accounts, Instagram will be handling but it has surely made the process quite transparent. Any user who fits in the total criteria can get verified. As of for now, the option for verification is only available for iOS and is yet to be available in Android app.

Here is how you can apply for the verification badge

How to Request for Instagram Verification

In your Instagram profile opt for the settings menu. Select the ‘Request Verification’ option.

How to get verified on InstagramInstagram Verification: Provide your documents

Well, for everything you will need to provide your original documents. You will need to offer most of the identification proof by the government which may include license, passport or any other document. Apart from that, you can also give in additional documentation such as electricity bills and so on. However, all these documents won’t be made public on your profile.

If your real name fails to match that of your legal document, you may not be verified. Hence it is necessary to clear all your documents with that of your Instagram details. This will be a file for reference.

Instagram Verification: Wait and wonder

After you have applied for the process, you should wait Instagram will review the request. As per Instagram, once the reviewing has been done, you will get a notification about whether it has been rejected or approved. Soon after, you may get the chance to apply for the approval once again after 30 days.

Instagram Verification: Tips and Requirements

Before you apply for the verification, it is necessary to look for what is required for verification. To get the verified badge, Instagram will look into your account’s ‘authenticity, uniqueness, completeness and notability’. One’s account should meet the requirements of Instagram to get verified.

Instagram states that an authentic account is the one which belongs to a real person, entity or any proper business. To define the uniqueness of the business, Instagram considers the account should belongs to one business or an individual, only for accounts that are specific for language.

A complete Instagram profile is the one which is public. If should have a profile photo, a minimum of one post and a bio. Instagram also restricts the addition of any ‘add me’ links for the services of social media.

One of the most and toughest criterias to meet is the ‘notable’ feature. You might think that your account has about hundred of followed and can get a lot of followers, but it wouldn’t hold valid until you are one ‘well-known, highly searched person or brand’. Your paid content won’t matter, you should be liable and legitimate. If you cannot meet the criterias set up by Instagram, it is really tough to get verified. It might sound that the process is transparent, but making the cut is difficult.

Although new forms for verification would be available, making the cut can prove to be difficult. Getting a verification over Instagram is an unpredictable process. It happens that in today’s generation, most of the authorised celebrities who deserve a verified tick, do not have one. While there are other public profiles with less importance who do have a verification mark. The process of verification has become quite easy and is available for everyone. But, whether one will get verified or not, still depends on the ability to meet the requirements.

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