Apple is all set to launch three new iPhones this year

As per the various reports, India is all set to bring forth three new models of iPhone this year. The models are expected to be the successors of XR. According to the reports of The Wall Street Journal, the phone will be introducing new camera features and expecting the people to be familiar. While the higher ones will have the triple rear camera and the others will have a double rear camera.

Last year they introduced three new phones and once again they will be introducing other three. The lower-priced phones are expected to have the dual-camera setup that the people have already seen in the previous phones.

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It is probably expected that the phone for 2019 will be known as iPhone XI. The previous year, the peaks of the phone were simply seen, and we expect the bump-like structure in the phone. But, what we expect is whether the phone will be the same as that of leaks.

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The lower successors of the iPhone XR are expected to offer the liquid-crystal display. This feature is something that the XR models have a tough time to deal with. Apple has also lowered the revenue guidelines in the coming times for the first quarter of the year to enhance the revenue for the company in the Chinese market in 2019.

Apart from that, the phone may also feature the organic light-emitting diode of 2020. The OLED of the LCD panel will help the images in the phone to look bright and sharp. However, no final confirmation has been given by Apple. The shares were down too last weekend.

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