The first electric vehicle, I-Pace SUV launched by Jaguar

The concept of the electric vehicle I-Pace SUV was launched two years ago. The vehicle was revealed by Jaguar on Thursday and is all set to go for sale by late, this year.

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Jaguar Electric Car Specifications

Jaguar I-Pace Electric Car

The vehicle is short hooded and allows as much room as possible. Unlike Tesla Model X, I-Pace SUV won’t be large enough. The vehicle will have just two front row seats. The roof will be covered by a glass sunroof. The driving range of I-Pace is expected to be 240 miles. The electric motors of the vehicle will be producing about 394 horsepower hence, the vehicle will be super-fast. It will move from zero to 64 miles per hour in just 4.5 seconds.

The battery is placed low between the front and rear wheels allowing a balance of 50-50 in the weight, as reported by Jaguar. The batteries will support the front and back axle motors, hence implying the fact that it is an all-wheel drive vehicle. The car will cause no emissions.  To manage the aerodynamics at high speeds, the self-levelling air suspension system will lower the body of SUV to the ground. Despite having agile curves, the vehicle will offer a comfortable ride.

Jaguar Electric Car Battery

In case of slow down, the vehicle will need a recharge. The car will get charged up from 0 to 80% only in 40 minutes with the help of special quick charger. A 15 minute power up will offer for a range of 62 miles (100 kms). The company has also provided the feature of adjusting the degree of temperature in the car. The feature of ‘one pedal drive’ has also been optimized in the car which allows the car to gradually come into a halt from high speed just by lifting the accelerator pedal.
Jaguar i-pace electric car

It will also have “little off road capacity”. Jaguar reported that the vehicle will pass by 20 inches of water and can even operate in case of -40 degree Fahrenheit and -40 degree Celsius.

The car will have air updates and all the information regarding the car can be accessed via a mobile app designed for the phone. The app will also give the information of charging status. It is the first time of OTA for Jaguar with the help of this EV offering.

The cabin of the car has touchscreen which will act as an information readout and for the additional cabin control, the option of standard physical controls will also be available. It contains the silhouette and physical look of a crossover or a compact SUV. The car has been designed to offer maximum interior and luggage space and has fold-flat rear seats and consists about 400 gallons of interior volume within that range of configuration.

jaguar electric car i-paceJaguar Electric Car Price

The price for the I-Pace SUV has yet not been announced in US, but the price is expected to be 64000 pounds in UK. The pre-orders for the car started on 1st Mach and will be delivered by the next half of 2018. The customers will get a closer look of I-Pace SUV the next week at Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland.

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