Italdesign, Airbus and Audi pair up for the next flying car concept

The 2018 Geneva Motor Show is a dream for all car lovers. Forget simple cars, this time Italdesign, Audi and Airbus have paired up to bring something different, the flying car. These companies are working on the Pop.Up, the new modular system in which the mode of transport will be a gigantic quadcopter which will carry the car and the passenger to their destinations via sky.

According to Italdesign, Pop.Up Next is a “fully electric and zero-emission modular system, designed to help resolve traffic congestion in large urban areas.” The main aim is to develop an electric car that would detach from its motor base and can fly throughout the town using the quadcopter. This idea was presented last year at Geneva Motor Show and Audi has now teamed up with the companies to make the idea, a reality.

Flying Car AudiFlying Car Concept

The motor base will have autonomous driving and battery–electric propulsion experience. Airbus is designing the air module, as it has been developing the designs and rotor ducts in order to make the vehicle more efficient. Airbus and Italdesign are looking after the technical arenas for designing the two-seat capsule. It is also working towards installing the coupling system in quadcopter in order to secure it during flights.

It would function according to the “ride share capacity”. The capsules would carry the passengers via ground too with the help of a rotor module that would pick up the passengers from around the town real quick.

Therefore, it is definitely paving the way for the flying cars, though this would require a lot of time. The challenge however, is the flying car around the city. This is definitely the future of cars, which would efficiently solve all the problems related to traffic congestion.

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