The Facial Recognition feature from Facebook

The facial recognition feature introduced by Facebook is more powerful than you can imagine. In today’s world where biometric technology has become a part of life, facial recognition feature is powerful and one of the important aspects of it. Facebook had been using this feature since 2010, to tag people in photos recognising them.

Apple too launched this feature in their iPhone X the previous year. Over the past years, the facial recognition feature of Facebook has only advanced and the rapid development in the feature shows that this won’t be slowing down anytime soon. Hence, this article brings to you a guide about this awesome feature.

Facial Recognition FacebookFacial Recognition: How does this technology work?

It’s been nearly a decade since this feature was introduced but its way of functioning is still the same, despite the advancements. When a photo of yours is uploaded in the profile, Facebook analyses the template numbers and then compares it to all the other photos uploaded in your profile and of those you are connected to. Then based on these comparisons, Facebook allows you to tag your certain friends who are in the video and also works vice versa. On December 19, 2017 advancement in this feature was made, which allowed the user to manage the identity within the site when a photo of them is uploaded.

The new tool helps you to exercise control over the photos and videos that will exist in your site. You may add or remove a tag from any photo as per your requirements. It will also allow you to find out, if anyone uses your picture as their profile photo. Facebook is also working towards removing the fake profiles by using this feature. Via this feature, you can also manage your “audience” on Facebook. For anyone who does not have any access to your profile, won’t be notified about it. Facebook is also working towards developing the screen reader, so as to benefit the visually impaired users.

Facial Recognition Feature in FacebookFacial Recognition: What is the use of the information?

Facebook saves the information that is gained after analysing the photos. Your saved biometric data is used to present ads depending upon your general characteristics like mood, so that you can purchase a product if you want to. Hence, the facial recognition feature of Facebook is used for advertising purposes.

Facial Recognition: Is it possible to opt out of this feature?

Luckily, Facebook has made it possible for the users to opt out of the facial recognition feature. Although the disadvantage of this feature is that your friends won’t get to see your name as a suggestion when they upload a photo with you. You can easily opt out of the facial recognition feature by visiting Settings> Face Recognition. Depending upon your mode of usage (Smartphone or tablet), the process for opting of this feature may vary. It can also vary for those who use Facebook via web browser of computer. You can just click on “NO” option of the sidebar, and easily move out of the feature.

Therefore, make sure you know when the technology is updated. You can also well use these features based on your privacy concern.

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