Android 11 Public Beta: Here’s how you can install it

If you are a developer and adaptor, Google brings to you the chance to install 11 Public Beta. The Android 11 which was due for August has already been released. Although there was supposed to be a huge hype for the Public Beta, nothing has been claimed in the market yet. Thanks to the Covid-19 attack, that the public beta was released in the market without much sound. 

The Android 11 beta brings to public the chance to download and test the software before Google officially rolls it out. But why would I need a public version when Google will launch? It’s common to have such questions. Well, this is one of the most prominent trial and test technologies. This is necessary to understand the hindrance and problems in the adoption cycle. 

Before officially launching the product, the company surely wants to know the reaction of the public to it. Hence, the company rolls out the public version for developers and adaptors. This is one of the best ways to collect feedback regarding the working of the product. With the received feedback, Google will be able to naturally collect all details regarding the pros and cons. Hence, they would make changes accordingly. 

Can I download Android 11 Public Beta? 

Do you own a Pixel phone? Well, it has to be updated one from Pixel 2 and then the other ranges? If yes, you can surely get your hands on Android 11 Public Beta. The software, for time being is only compatible with Pixel devices. 

How do I install Android 11 Public Beta? 

Do you want to use Android 11 Public Beta too? Here are a list of things you should be doing,

  • Sign-in with your Google account to check the eligibility of your device. Make sure to accept the terms and conditions or you will be rejected entry. 
  • If you had enrolled for Android Beta 10, you will once again need to enroll for Android Beta 11. 
  • After enrolling you have the option to give your feedback/opinion regarding the app. 
  • Make sure to check for all the previous updates, errors and defects since this is a pre-release version only. It may have a negative impact on other devices. So, make sure to be clear with defects in order to avoid it. 

Give your feedback about the existing pixel issues in the official page for a better idea. 

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