By the year 2021, 5G smartphones will grow a lot in the market

It is expected that by the year 2021, 5G smartphones will grow a lot in the market. The shipments of the phones in the market will have a growth rate of 255 percent. As per the reports, they also added that by then there may be about 110 million of units of the 5G smartphones.

5G Smartphones: The Research

The Counterpoint Research stated that in the initial phase, the growth of the shipments would be slow comparatively during the commercialisation period of 2019. However, the phone will see consecutive growth once the countries shift to standalone 5G infrastructures varying from non-standalone ones.

5G Smartphones: Statements of the concerned

The Director of the Research, Tom Kang in one of the statements said, “We also expect 5G chips to have a higher price point which will initially drive the cost of devices up. 5G capable devices will be premium only in the beginning. Also only a handful of countries will be deploying the first 5G infrastructure.”

5G smartphones by 2021

5G Smartphones: Business in nations

Among the main marketers, countries like Korea, China and Japan will be the main marketers for developing the 5G infrastructure. They also contribute in improving the growth rate of the smartphones.

The Research Analyst Maurice Klaehne said, “We are seeing some great initial developments happening in the US, South Korea, China, and Japan and expect growth to be concentrated in these countries due to their big roll-out plans for 5G starting in 2019.”

Other countries like Europe will also grow in standalone 5G. Before completely transitioning, these nations will first aim at developing the firm business.

From 2018 to 2021, the handsets will see a slow growth of CAGR for just one or two percent. Since, these will the new innovations, they will take some time to grow and also because of market saturation.

Another Research Director Peter Richardson also stated, “5G devices will begin gaining in share in the market, but overall transition to 5G could be slow and steady. Once we establish better 5G business cases and infrastructure, the market will begin seeing higher sales overall.”

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