WTC Final 2021: 3 Things India must keep in mind

We start off the WTC Final between India and New Zealand from 18th June 2021 i.e. tomorrow. The excitement in both the groups is at peak. New Zealand is a team that favors discipline more than aggression and that’s what Team Indian need to keep in mind when they step in tomorrow to play the WTC Final against the Black Caps.

WTC Final: Important to understand how NZ Play their Cricket

New Zealand prefer playing the disciplined role and like to go session by session. Team India needs to understand this and capture this by winning each session with series of favorable events. Its important to understand what NZ players think and based on their thinking take an action.

WTC Final: Using Bouncers Liberally

Bouncers are always unsettling for new batsman and that’s what Indian Bowlers need to ploy when they are bowling to the lights of Tom Latham, Davon Conway and Henry Nicholls. The Indian Bowlers have the pace and they must use it to their benefit.

WTC Final: Be Consistent

The Indian lineup have to be consistent in their approach and be patient enough for the NZ team to commit mistakes. After all, Test Matches are meant to have patience, the more the team is patient and disciplined, the other team is likely to fall.

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