PyeongChang Winter Olympics 2018: Everything you need to Know

Winter Olympics which is officially known as XXIII Olympics games in scheduled to take place from 9 February. The event will continue till 25 February 2013 and will be held in Pyeongchang County, South Korea. Because of this the international multi-sport event is also known as PyeongChang 2018.

2018 winter olympics gamesThe previous winter Olympics were held in the year 2014 and was hosted by Sochi. However, the next winter Olympics will be held in 2022 and expected to be hosted by Beijing. The motto of this event is “passion connected”. The Olympics will be South Korea second Olympics and the first winter Olympics that it will be hosting. South Korea hosted its first Olympics which was the summer Olympics held in the year 1988.

The country that will be hosting the Olympics was already announced in the year 2011. International Olympics committee has announced that PyeongChang would host the event. The announcement was made back in 6th July 2011. PyeongChang hand won in its first bid itself.

It received more votes than the Munich, Germany and France combined. The announcement was made after 23rd IOC session in South Africa, Dubai. The venue will be PyeongChang Olympic stadium. The first two were in Japan, Sapporo (1972) and Nagano (1998).

Participating countries in Winter Olympics 2018

Countries that would be participating in winter Olympics 2018 includes,

List of Countries Participating in Winter Olypics 2018
Albania Chile Guam Luxembourg Poland Togo
Algeria China Guatemala Macedonia Portugal Tonga
American Samoa Colombia Honduras Madagascar Puerto Rico Trinidad and Tobago
Andorra Costa Rica Hungary Malta Romania Turkey
Argentina Croatia Hong Kong Mexico Russia Uganda
Armenia Cyprus Iceland Moldova San Marino Ukraine
Australia Czech Republic India Monaco Senegal Uruguay
Austria Denmark Ireland Mongolia Serbia USA
Azerbaijan Dominica Israel Montenegro Slovenia Uzbekistan
Belgium Egypt Italy Morocco South Africa Unified Team
Belarus Estonia Jamaica Nepal South Korea USSR
Bermuda Ethiopia Japan Netherlands Antilles Spain West Germany
Bolivia Fiji Jordan New Zealand Swaziland Yugoslavia
Bosnia and Herzegovina Finland Kazakhstan Nigeria Sweden Virgin Islands
Brazil France Kenya North Korea Switzerland Venezuela
British Virgin Islands Georgia Kyrgyzstan Norway Taiwan Zimbabwe
Bulgaria Germany Latvia Pakistan Tajikistan
Cameroon Ghana Lebanon Paraguay Thailand
Canada Great Britain Liechtenstein Peru The Netherlands
Cayman Islands Greece Lithuania Philippines Timor-Leste

2018 winter Olympics countriesWinter Olympics 2018 Games

There will be 102 events in 15 sports.

4 new rules will be included in PyeongChang. It will involve big air snowboarding, mixed doubles Curling, mass start speed skating and mixed team Alpine skiing. However, this time National Hockey League would not allow its readers to participate in men’s eyes tournament since 1998.

The sports that will be there in the event are mentioned below (the number of medals it will contain are indicated in bracket):

Sports No. of Medals
Alpine skiing 11
Biathlon 11
Bobsleigh 11
Cross Country skiing 12
Curling 3
Figure skating 5
Freestyle skiing 10
Ice Hockey 2
Luge 4
Nordic combined 3
Short track speed skating 8
Skeleton 2
Ski jumping 4
Snow Boarding 10
Speed skating 14

List of countries that did the best in Winter Olympics

Mentioned below is a list of countries and the number of medals they have worn in winter Olympics (as of 2010) :

Top 10 Countries – Olympics
Country         Gold      Silver    Bronze    Total
USA 156 245 143 544
Canada 203 181 112 496
USSR 281 111 103 495
Norway 134 182 112 428
Sweden 119 100 174 393
Finland 73 154 162 389
Germany 136 106 87 329
Switzerland 82 86 121 289
Austria 71 84 91 249
Italy 67 64 76 207



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