India vs Australia: India won the Second ODI

Australia and India’s second ODI was one of the highly anticipated games. It was rich in various aspects and none other than MS Dhoni was the highlight of the game. Everyone was in awe of the veteran wicketkeeper and praises were showered on him for his performance. At the same time we cannot deny the fact that Kohli was an excellent player too. Each of the players in the Indian team was great in their field and as a result, they won the game. Ranging from Dhoni to Dinesh Karthik, all of them were in form and they changed the whole course of the game.

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The game held on 15 January was an absolute treat for the fans. Virat Kohli secured the win and the help from MS Dhoni will a cameo from Dinesh Karthik contributed towards the win of the country. What was actually the highlight of the game was the run secured by the team. Melbourne on Friday witnessed one major win of India when it defeated Australia by six wickets just when there were four balls lefts. While Australia stood at 298/9 on 50 overs, India was able to secure 299/4 at 49.2 overs.

Ind vs Aus 2nd ODI Dhoni

India vs Australia 2nd ODI: Karthik and Dhoni Partnership

Had Karthik not been there, the story would have been completely different. Dhoni was under extreme pressure and Karthik took it off in a proper manner from Jhye Richardson and Marcus Stoinis. Although Dhoni had a tough time coping up, he did play off his game which made him the ultimate winner of the game and hearts as well.

India vs Australia 2nd ODI: Praise for Dhoni

Praising the Indian player Australian captain, Aaron Finch said that Dhoni is one such captain that has guided India even under harsh conditions for a long time and his game over the time has been unbelievable.

Praising him he said, “I think that he’s obviously one of the all-time greats of the game. It will be a sad day if he doesn’t come back to Australia after this tour, he’s a brilliant entertainer and someone that people pay money to come through the gates to watch.”

Aaron Finch had failed to get the security after being bowled by Bhuvneshwar. By the 10 overs, India was already standing at 2 for 38 balls. Marsh and Usman Khwaja by the 11 years, played an important role in increasing the score by 56. But, it was Ravindra Jadeja who took off the wicket by Khwaja thereby proving to be a massive hit.

India vs Australia 2nd ODI: The Indian team

Rohit Sharma who is very much famous for his centuries, had proved to the same once again in Sydney. Back in his first ODI, he scored 133. But this time the fate just did not play in his part for he was caught out for just 43 by Peter Handscomb. Kohli gave his best by scoring 104 and was out.

India vs Australia 2019 ODI

It was the team spirit and rocking duo, Dhoni (55) and KD Karthik (25) at the not out rate which made India win the game.

The loss of Australia proved to be really bad for the country. For a country that is ambitious for world Cup, the loss in these two matches wasn’t great. But India’s victory paved hope for a win.

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