French Open 2020 to be staged without Spectators?

Ever since Coronavirus broke out, the world seems to have gone down to a resting phase. Although several companies are working to boost the economy, some factors have just come to a halt. The entertainment industry is surely one of such economies that have come to a major half due to this.

Viewers and spectators from all over the world, each year have their eye on French open. And well, how would it be if the things didn’t work out? This may be disturbing. The French Tennis Federation responsible for hosting the French Open suggested that this year French Open 2020 can be held behind closed doors. So, tennis fans you may not be lucky enough to witness it. Sad, isn’t it?;

The Coronavirus outbreak has proven to be extremely harmful for the economy and well Bernard Giudicelli, President of FFT has admitted that the authorities have no option but to hold the event behind closed doors. Moreover, not only have they decided to hold the event behind closed doors, they have also decided to delay the event from 24 May-7 June to 20 September-4 October. The President admitted that this decision has been taken into consideration keeping in mind the safety of the spectators.

There is no time soon that Coronavirus is going away. Until a vaccine comes, no one of us is protected. Thus, steps are being made by different authorities to boost the overall health of people.

French Open 2020: Will it take place?

Sports Minister of France Roxana Maracineanu said that there is not guarantee that Tour De France will take place behind closed doors. Moreover, they decided to refund the tickets as well or shift it from the original date to an unanimously decided date. But there were also anticipations that the event would be held in front of “empty stands”. So, an empty stadium holding the matches is the story.

Guidecelli in an interview said, “We haven’t ruled out any option. Roland Garros is first and foremost a story of matches and players. There is the tournament taking place in the stadium, and the tournament on TV screens.”

Millions are waiting for the event

More than 50,000 people are anticipated to be attending Roland Garros. Apart from the live attendees, Roland Garros also has millions of live television viewers. Thus, television plays an important role in reaching out to the masses.

“Millions of viewers around the world are waiting. Organizing it behind closed doors would allow part of the business model that is television rights, which account for more than a third of the tournament’s revenues, to go ahead. This cannot be overlooked,” Guidecelli continued.

Guidecelli admitted to the fact that several discussions are being held by Steve Simon, President of WTA and David Haggerty, President of ITF regarding ways to hold the match. They are yet to decide the final system in the next match. However, they ensure to be working in association with each other to fix a proper schedule for the match.

He further concluded saying, “We think of them first, protecting them. We made a courageous choice and today, no one regrets it. A tournament without a date is a boat without a rudder, we don’t know where we’re going. We positioned ourselves as far in the calendar as possible, anxious not to harm major events, so that no Masters 1000 or any Grand Slam would be affected. The turn of events seems to have proved us right.”

As per the current situation, the fate of the match is truly uncertain. Every year the grand slam is held during mid-March but this time it is only getting delayed.

While French Open is being anticipated to be held, Wimbledon Championships 2020 had to be called off. What the future holds for the US Open and French Open is yet to be seen. The event is surely one of the biggest in the French history but it needs to be considered thoroughly. 

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