Australian Open Final: Novak Djokovic defeated Rafael Nadal to secure his win

Novak Djokovic has seen a significant deal this year by defeating Rafael Nadal to become the title holder for the seventh Australian open. Djokovic took time and effort to beat down the much anticipated rival, Nadal.

Djokovic, also took the time to appreciate Nadal post match and praised him for his excessively good performance. This is the 53rd match which Nadal and Djokovic were against each other and the seventh Grand Slam too. Praising Nadal Djokovic said, “He hasn’t dropped a set. He’s looked as good as ever on the hard court.”

Praising the serve of Nadal, Djokovic said, “He has improved his serve. I see he has a slightly different service motion that has worked very well. With everything he possesses, adding to that also a lot of free points on the serve makes him much tougher to play against.”

Australian Open Final: Nadal’s fastest defeat

Nadal faced the fastest defeat in his career from Djokovic. The crowd which was going gaga over Rafael, immediately shut down when Rafa faced the defeat in just 2 hours 14 minutes. This is second fastest defeat in the history of Grand Slam ranking just behind Naomi Osaka and Petra Kvitova.

Australian Open Final Nadal Djokovic

As per reports, Djokovic is one of the best players in the history securing so many wins to his name. He, over the time had scored six Grand Slam titles between 2014 to 2016. Nadal over the time, has had a great come back in the game after his injury.

Speaking of the match, Djokovic said, “One thing is for sure: We both are going to strive for improvement in the future,” Djokovic said. “I’m sure we’re still going to have a lot of matches against each other on different surfaces. I really hope we will, because this rivalry has been the most significant rivalry, the one that impacted me on a personal and professional level the most in my life.”

Australian Open Final: Djokovic thanks his fans

It is the seventh time, that Djokovic will be securing the win I the Australian Open Title. He further thanked his family and fans for supporting him throughout.

By Djokovic’s attitude, it clearly appeared that he had his game completely planned in his head. He went to the court and faced Nadal in the most relaxing way, and defeated him. Djokovic’s had been able to pass Pete Sampras for the title of Slam Singles Championship.

Australian Open Final: Djokovic left speechless after the match

Australian Open Final Winner

The new serve may have proved to be a little difficult, initially, but no doubt, the game was one thing to look forward to. His relentless, swift win became the talks of the town in Andil. By defeating Nadal in the match, the player has himself managed to create a world record.

Previously back in the 2013 US Open, Djokovic was badly defeated by Nadal. Now, once again the history repeated itself only will difference in the games. Currently, Djokovic has owned more than the three Slam titles in one row.

Djokovic revealed the secret of tennis and said, “That’s probably the biggest secret of my success … self-belief. I want to definitely focus myself on continuing to improve my game … so I would be able to compete at such a high level for the years to come and have a shot at eventually getting closer to Roger’s record. But it’s still far.”

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