Asian Games: History, List of Games, 2018 Medals

Asian Games, also referred to as Asia’s, happening every four years in Asia. It is the continental multi-sport event in which athletes from the various Asian countries compete. Asian Games Federation (AGF) was in charge of the games from the very first game till 1978.

Since 1982, the games have been regulated and organised by Olympic Council of Asia. International Olympic Committee recognises the game and is one significant part of Olympic Games. The Asian Games 2018 were held jointly at Jakarta and Palembang. The games began on 18th August and will be continuing till 2nd September. The next Asian Games will be held in 2022, in Hangzhou China. The flag of Asian Games has four editions.

List of Games

There are about 51 games with 39 disciplines and 400 events across Asian Games. The list of games include archery, badminton, athletics, basketball, baseball, bodybuilding, board games, boxing, bowling, canoeing, contract bridge, cue sports, dance sports, cricket, cycling, diving, table tennis football, golf, just, gymnastics, towing, sowing, paragliding, swimming, squash, soft tennis, volleyball, water polo, weight lifting, wrestling, wushu and so on. This time eSports and Canoe polo is also being tried out at the Asian Games.


Asian Games 2018

This year, the Asian Games is also being referred as referred as Jakarta-Palembang 2018. It is for the first time that the event is being hosted by two cities in Indonesia. The event is being held at capital of Indonesia, Jakarta and Palembang the capital of South Sumatra Province.

The opening ceremony of the game was held at Gelora Bung Karno Main stadium of Jakarta. Indonesia has been preparing for the games since 2015 with a budget of IDR 3 trillion. Nonetheless, by 2018, the budget rose up to IDR 6.6 trillion and also included IDR 869 million from sponsorship. The emblem for the 2018 Asian Games of Indonesia was set out to be cenderawasih. It is a rare bird species found in Indonesia. The mascots of the game has been finalised Bhin Bhin, Kaka and Atung.

The event were organised around Jakarta, West Java, South Sumatra and Banten.

Asian Games Top 10 Medal List

Asian Games 2018: Medal winners

India clearly took over the Asian Games this year ever since Saturday. On the 14th day, India managed to score a great list of four medals and ended the game with 69 medals. Overall, India managed to secure 15 gold, 30 bronze and 24 silver. Comparatively, India scored 69 medals but still are behind Chinese Taipei (66) and Iran (62) because, Chinese Taipei managed to score 17 gold medals and Iran 20. India has scored 15 medals.

China stands at the top of the list for scoring 132 gold medals and overall they scored 285 medals. Japan had 72 gold medals and 200 overall medals. Korea scored overall 173 medals with 72 gold medals. India scored 24 silver and 30 bronze medal. India lands at the eighth position on the leaderboard.

All the countries stood out in the game. With so many medals at the win, China clearly stands out to be the winner. Nonetheless, the athletes of India stood out with their performance and have gained immense praise from the ministers.

India at Asian games 2018

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