Asia Cup: A Look Back at Title Winners and Runner-up from 1984 to 2018

The Asia Cricket Cup held its inaugural season in 1984. The 14th season of the Aisa Cup has concluded successfully. The One Day International format is used for the tournament. The Asia Cup was played in the Twenty20 format for the first time in 2016. Following that, the Asian Cricket Council announced that the One Day International and Twenty20 will be held alternately.

The 15th Asia Cup will take place in 2022. Sri Lanka will host the entire Asia Cup 2022 schedule. Sri Lanka will be hosting the Asia Cup for the fifth time. The original schedule was for September 2020. However, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the season was cancelled and rescheduled for 2022. Many international and domestic cricket events were cancelled as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak. As a result, cricket fans are hoping that the Asia Cup season will begin soon.

When was the Last Asia Cup held and who Won?

The last season of the Asia Cup was held in 2018. UAE hosted the Asia Cup 2018. The previous season of the Asia Cup featured a total of six teams. The final match was played between India and Bangladesh on Sep 28, 2018. India won the final by three wickets and was titled the winner of the 2018 Asia Cup. Shikhar Dhawan won the Man of the Match title for his best performance in the season.

The Asia Cup 2018 was held in the One Day International format. As a result, the Asia Cup 2022 season will be played in Twenty20 format. This format provides fans with many thrilling moments and entertainment. As a result, cricket fans are very excited about the upcoming Asia Cup season. India won the inaugural Twenty20 Asia Cup in 2016.

When was the First Asia Cup held?

In terms of Asia Cup history, the first tournament was held in 1984 in the United Arab Emirates. India defeated Sri Lanka to win the Asia Cup’s inaugural season. With seven titles, India is the most successful Asia Cup team. Only three teams have won the Asia Cup in all seasons:

  • Pakistan
  • Sri Lanka
  • India

With five Asia Cup titles, Sri Lanka is the second most successful team after India. So, check out the complete winner’s list, runner-up list, and host country list of all 14th Seasons of Asia Cup below. The Asian Cricket Council postponed the 15th edition of the Asia Cup to 2022 due to the Covid-19 (ACC).

YearsWinner NameRunner-up NameHost Country
1984IndiaSri LankaUAE
1986Sri LankaPakistanSri Lanka
1988IndiaSri LankaBangladesh
1990/91IndiaSri LankaBangladesh
1995IndiaSri LankaUAE
1997Sri LankaIndiaSri Lanka
2000PakistanSri LankaBangladesh
2004Sri LankaIndiaSri Lanka
2008Sri LankaIndiaPakistan
2010IndiaSri LankaSri Lanka
2014Sri LankaPakistanBangladesh

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