Yellow Jackets Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot

The hit thriller Yellow Jackets is returning to entertain its fans! The first season was all about the survival tale and Psychological horror story of a high school soccer team. The outcomes of a 1996 plane crash and the things they have done to survive, left them in a state of wilderness.

The first season received a good round of applause from the critics and audience. Yellow Jackets season 1 was an “unadulterated sensation” as it received a rare 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes. The show was the second biggest in terms of the subscriptions.

The show was a huge hit due to its extraordinary concept that highlights all the sides of a women. Right from being an athlete to hunter-gatherers, killers to cheaters, sisterhood, and there is competition.

The Second Season is not a surprise for the Yellow Jackets fans. The audience were expecting to get the second installment soon. Here is everything we know about the Yellow Jackets Season 2,

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Yellow Jackets season 2 Release Date

There is no official date announcement of Yellow Jackets season 2, but it is likely to be ready around the same time in 2022 as the first season, i.e., early winter.

Yellow Jackets Season 2 Cast

It’s expected that most of the characters will return from season 1, including Melanie Lynskey (Shauna), Tawny Cypress (Taissa), Juliette Lewis (Nat), Christina Ricci (Misty), Jeff (Warren Kole), Misty (Samantha Hanratty), Nat (Sophie Thatcher), Shauna (Sophie Nelisse) and Tai (Jasmin Savoy Brown).

Lottie (Courtney Eaton) seems to play a big role, and Van (LivHewson) will also return for Yellow Jackets season 2.

Jackie’s (Ella Purnell) character ended with his death in season 1, but there is some room for flashbacks in Yellow Jackets season 2.

Yellow Jackets Season 2 Spoiler Alert: What is the Plot?

The second season will be a bomb with continuing its story from both the timelines, i.e., in 1996 with the Yellow Jackets stuck in the woods and the present story with the survivors.

Season 1 ended on a cliffhanger that who the nightgown person was. Lottie was seen drowning her Antler crown with Van and Misty just behind her in season 1. The story might run from this in Yellow Jackets season 2.

Jackie banishing from the house adds more story to the Yellow Jackets season 2. The story will continue with the four women who have different things to do. Shahuna killed Adam but has no guilt for that. The Yellow Jackets season 2 will also cover some stories of Shahuna affair that her daughter Callie is aware of.

It would be interesting to watch the most loved character Misty that what she is up to next.

Stay tuned for more updates on Yellow Jackets season 2.

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