After Virat’s take on Arhan, we can clearly say he needs to learn from Sachin

The Captain of Indian Cricket team is known to lose his temper at times. However, he needs to learn that reacting very ferociously to something minor doesn’t earn him any good reputation.

Virat moved to Mumbai from Delhi years back for his cricketing career. Undoubtedly Virat loves the city immensely and cannot see it being dirtied by the people by littering here and there. Very similar to his cricket skills, this attitude of Virat needs to be praised but the way in which he carried out his act, cannot be commended.

Anushka Virat Arhan Garbage Incident

Involvement in Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

Anushka’s initiative to keep the streets of Mumbai clean turned out uglier and worse than it was thought to be. Virat took to Instagram and Twitter to share a video of Anushka scolding passerby for littering and throwing garbage on the roads of Mumbai. However, this video of Virat took an ugly turn, and people started criticizing their act.

Virat and his beau, Anushka is strongly involved in the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan initiated by our Prime minister, Narendra Modi. The aim of the mission is to make people aware of the necessity of cleanliness in India and to close the habits of people of littering the roads.

The video

When Anushka saw a man, Arhan Singh throwing plastic packets on the road she became outraged. She stopped hers and Arhan’s car and chided on him for being so irresponsible and throwing garbage on the road. She instructed him to use a dustbin from next time instead of littering garbage on the streets.

Virat uploaded the video on his social media accounts and wrote that men in luxury cars have “brains gone for a toss”. Although there is no scientific study that relates travelling in luxury cars with the size of the brain. Virat even asked his followers to do the same if they someone is littering the streets. He asked to scold them and then make a video and share it with the people to show their courageous yet advise people not to do anything such wrong.

Who was right? No one.

Undoubtedly, Arhan is wrong at his juncture for littering the streets but then was Virat correct when he shamed someone on a national level? Of course not.

Ever since the video went viral, people have been written vile things of Arhan. Moreover, who is to be blamed for such hatred towards Arhan? Virat himself. These messages towards Arhan has forced his mother to speak up for his son’s safety.

Many called Virat and Anushka’s act to be a public stunt. However, do they need publicity? Well, no maybe. The attempt of Virat hasn’t done any good. He could not bring in the correct message and do get some defaming for himself.

Sachin’s Video

This act had reminded some people about Sachin’s video when he asked pillions to wear helmets. Unlike Virat’s case, this video did help to create awareness among the people and made people love Sachin even more. Sachin was able to speak out his message to the public.

So, this thus proves that Virat needs to be a little generous in his approach when he is trying to spread awareness.

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