Unlock 5.0: Here’s how life is changing?

After thorough consultations and feedback from the state governments, the central government rolled out Unlock 5.0 across the country. The new guidelines are all being followed up depending on the economic activities.

In the guidelines, there have been relaxations laid upon certain financial sectors and institutions. A lot of things are being opened up with Unlock 5.0 to boost the activity.

Unlock 5.0: What has changed since the lockdown?

Every state has a different guideline for lockdown. A lot of states allowed social gathering of upto 1000 people and metro and railways were resumed as we.

Several states removed intrastate and interstate movement and bars and restaurants were reopened as well. However, for the time being, institutions, cinemas and entertainment parks were closed. There have been restrictions on international travel as well.

Only 50 per cent of total teachers will be allowed in school premises to boost online learning for students from Class 9 to 12. The rail travel which was stopped in unlock 4.0 will now be resumed with unlock 5.0.

Covid-19 India: What will open up?

If news is to be believed, from 15th October, cinemas, multiplexes, theaters, entertainment parks and swimming pools will be opened. All these will be used for training sportsperson. However, these would open only if the required space is out of the containment zone.

The business to business exhibitions have been given a clean chit for opening as well. The states and union territories are allowed to open school from 15th as well.

Is public transport running?

Public transport such as the metro and domestic flights have been at a halt for a long time. With unlock 5.0, public transport is being opened and the activities are resumed but proper safety guidelines are being followed.

Unlock 5.0: What is the change in life for those in containment zones?

As per the guidelines, containment zones will have to be under strict lockdown till October 31. However, post that, demarcation would be made for containment zones. As far as activities are concerned, only essential activities will be conducted.

Can I go out again?

India has over 6 million COVID cases, so we know that it is not safe to go. If you want to go out, you have to follow safety guidelines.

The vulnerable population like elderly people, pregnant women and children people below the age of 10years should refrain from going out.

Unlock 5.0 : Is night curfew effective?

The night curfew was eradicated back in Unlock 3.0 itself. The night curfews since then have been completely removed and now no restrictions would be provided in Unlock 3. Individuals can move around irrespective of night curfew.

There hasn’t been any confirmation yet. Each month, we get exposed to a new edition of lockdown. The restrictions are now being gradually lifted with time. However, it is time to see what is being followed on the international level and whether night curfew will be continued after October. The individual international flights will remain banned.

Can states make changes to these changes?

The states and union territories will be able to make changes only after consultation with MHA.

If changes are to be brought in the containment zone, proper control measures to be followed and only essential items are to be allowed.

However, decisions such as reopening of schools completely depends on the state government as the center has offered flexibility to consult. The state government should however give SOP to offer health and safety of students. Also, the state government should also look out for enforcing SOP to prevent Covid cases from increasing.

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