Uninstall Hotstar Hashtag Has Been Trending, But Why?

Online streaming platform Hotstar has seemingly landed itself in trouble after a huge number of users are uninstalling Hotstar. Users are removing this OTT platform from the phone and sharing its screenshot. Not only this, but also many types of comments are roaming across Twitter. One has even shared,

“Which is not of our Lord Shri Ram! He is of no use to me.” If you are on Twitter, you must have been surprised at what happened after all.

Besides, in the last few years, such trends have been coming about the boycott of several OTT platforms. But the issue is what happened that all the users have stood up against Hotstar like this. Well, few comments revealed that it is happening because of a web series. The name of the series is “The Empire,” and it is based on the story of Mughal king Babur. In this article, we will discuss the web series in detail and why users are making it a trend to uninstall Hotstar?

The Empire Story

If you are a web series lover, you may know that Disney+ Hotstar has released another web series, “The Empire,” on 27th August (Friday). The series is produced by Nikkhil Advani and is based on Alex Rutherford’s famous novel “Empire of the Moghul: Raiders from the North.”The casts include Dino Morea, Shabana Azmi, and Kunal Kapoor.

the empire story

The series typically focuses on the Mughal invasion by Mughal king Babur. It also showed how Lodhi, a famous kingdom of India, attacked Babur, the founder of the Mughal empire. From the series trailer, folks got to know Babur’s character and how he has been fighting death since 14. At one point in the story, Babur said that it doesn’t matter how much life fights, as in the end, the victory is of death. While makers did the title story as fictional, the name of Mughal king Babur and the relation of the Mughal empire made it a point of buzz around the users. Netizens started criticizing the series as soon as it was released on Hotstar and accused the “The Empire” team.

The Empire Controversy

Whether you are a history lover or not, you may know that controversies have always surrounded the talk of Mughals in India. The series is based on the life of Babur, and his trial to become the founder of the Mughal empire has undoubtedly ignited netizen’s interest and their sentiments too. Many people believe that Babur was an invader and not a glorified emperor of the country.

Furthermore, the quotation of Kabir Khan also caused controversy as he said that the Mughals had made a remarkable contribution in building India as a flourishing country. He also mentioned them as true nation builders. This sparked the fumes, and a debate on this controversial topic started on Twitter. In addition, many folks said that Babur’s actions are a reason for pain for all Hindus across the world, and they also believe that this show is going against the law of India.

Why Uninstall Disney+ Hotstar?

Hotstar has denied the grievance complaint against the series streaming on their platform. People have been accusing the makers of glorifying Islamic invader Babur. Moreover, the grievance officer appointed under IT (underneath the 2021Digital Media Ethics Code and Intermediaries) has rejected the complaint stating that the series “The Empire” doesn’t glorify Babur or the Mughal Empire.

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