Snow in World’s Hottest Place

Snow in hottest placeWhen we say “The Hottest Place of World”, the notion that we have is there will be Sun up all time and only heat. Wherever, there is heat, there is no possibility of snow. Sahara Desert, world’s hottest place just witnessed a snow fall.

The place was covered with snow for a long time until it finally started melting away. The world is a very weird place, unusual things happen at the most unexpected time, but snow falling in world’s hottest place is beyond exception. People are in complete awe due to this.

Sahara’s Snow Fall

If you think that snow fall is something uncommon in a desert, then no it is not. Sahara has experienced snow fall for at least three times in the past forty years. So, if you’re not aware about it, then you are definitely to be shocked.

Ain Sefra, a desert town in Algeira which is popularly known as “Gateway to the Sahara” experienced snow fall back on Sunday. This snowfall has been occurring in Ain Sefra for the past forty years but every time it happens, people are wonderstruck. This unusual law of nature has never failed to surprise people every time it happen.

Hottest Place Snow fall

According to CNN, some regions experienced nearly about 15 inches of snow. Ain Sefra, however, experienced less than one inch of snow.

This snow fall in the world’s hottest place was really impressive and amazing. For a place that experiences the hottest temperatures around the globe to suddenly experience snow fall in winter is pretty weird but a treat to the beholders. Tourists who must have experienced this, must have been really surprised.

Geographical reasons for Snow fall in desert

Deserts do witness snow fall and it is common. Antarctica is also a desert which is laden with snow.

Snowfall in desertThere are high chances of snow fall in Sahara, because it is a continuous dry place that would allow snow to melt down easily. These dry dessert terrains are barren of any form of life, hence there are chances of snow to never melt away. The cold polar air crosses the mid-latitudes which makes it snow fall during winters in Sahara desert. These air waves cross through the various “frontal waves” bringing in snow fall in hot areas. Due to presence of snow, nights are very cold in deserts but precipitation or snow fall is very rare.

The temperature across the hottest place would definitely go down by ten degrees Fahrenheit during night. Therefore, these unusual snow which happens once in a while will stick to the desert for a certain period of time. But the photographers who witnessed this unusual phenomenon said that this snow would last for a brief period of time.

Statement by a Photographer

“We were really surprised when we woke up to see snow again,” Karim Boucheta, a photographer said to Shutterstock. He further went on to add, “It stayed all day on Sunday and began melting at around 5 p.m.”

Snow in desert is pretty uncommon, but Sahara witnessed snow fall just the previous year. Before this, Ain Sefra witnessed snow fall some 37 years ago.

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