Sanitizer Brands in Trouble Due to Failed Quality Test in Haryana

The Haryana government has filed an FIR against eleven sanitizer brands due to failed quality tests. The samples produced by the company failed to qualify for the tests. Hence, the government has issued a notice to cancel and suspend the license of the brands.

The state health minister, Anil Vij confirmed the news and further added that the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) had collected around 248 samples of sanitizers out of which they have received the report for only 123. Out of those reports, 109 samples qualified the test, while 14 failed. Under these 14, 9 brands were substandard while the rest 5 had excessive presence of methanol which can act as potential toxins. Health Minister Anil Vij has ordered the stock of the failed sanitizers to be removed from the market to prevent people from suffering.

Quality of Sanitizers

According to the health minister, two samples of sanitizers from Kaithal district failed while nine from Karnal failed due to the excessive presence of methanol. Two samples of sanitizers failed in Hisar district owing to the substandard quality.

The minister further added about the increasing complaints of fake brands selling sanitizers in the market. Owing to the increasing number of complaints against the fake sanitizer brands the government was bound to take necessary actions. Hence, FDA probed the matter to check the legality and quality of all the sanitizer brands from Haryana.

The people, now are demanding the names of the brands to be disclosed to the public so that they can avoid using these brands any further.

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