Petrol and Diesel Prices Continue to Surge Across Metro Cities for the 6th day

The petrol and diesel prices continue to surge all across the metro cities of the country for the sixth day. Sunday noticed all-time high price and the oil marketing companies worked on hiking the price by 29 to 32 paise.

The petrol prices are changed across the country depending on the international crude oil prices. However, the centre is working on reducing the fuel prices. On Wednesday, Oil Minister Dharmendra Pradhan came with the proposal of ruling out any cut on the excise duty to provide customers relief from the high-end program

During the Question Hour of Rajya Sabha, the Minister said, “When the international price of crude oil is higher, we have to increase the prices and when the international price is lower, we have to decrease the prices here too. This is a market mechanism which is followed by oil marketing companies. We have given freedom.

Petrol and Diesel Prices Across Cities

The fluctuating crude oil prices is having an impact on the petrol and diesel prices across the cities. Furthermore, the taxes levied by central and state also have an impact.

The table for cities and prices include the following

PlaceDiesel (Rs per litre)Petrol (Rs per litre)

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