Pandya Store Serial Cast with Real Names, Latest Story, Where to Watch

Star Plus always surprises its fans with enthralling TV shows, and, nowadays, audiences are loving the show Pandya Store. The unique story and plethora of characters have excited the audience to stick to the show.

You might be interested to know about your favorite TV show. We have rounded up everything for you, from cast to its latest story. Keep scrolling!

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Show NamePandya Store
ChannelStar Plus
Started on25th January 2021
Telecast timeMonday-Friday, 7:30 pm
Repeat TelecastMonday-Friday, 10 am

Pandya Store Cast with Real Names

CastReal NameRole
Gautam PandyaKinshuk MahajanDhara’s Husband
Dhara PandyaShiny DoshiGautam’s wife
Shiva PandyaKanwar DhillonGautam’s brother
Krish PandyaMohitParmarGautam’s brother
Dev PandyaAkshayKharodiaGautam’s brother
Young Dev PandyaJovian FernandesGautam’s brother
Young Shiva PandyaSwarnimGautam’s brother
Young Krish PandyaHarminderGautam’s brother
PrafullaPallavi RaoGautam’smami
JigneshMohit SharmaAnita’s father
SumanKruttika DesaiGautam’s mother
Jagat NarayanKrunalPanditPrafulla’s husband
DarshanFarrukh SaeedGautam’s father
AnitaShristiMaheswariGautam’s friend
SarojAarti SharmaAnita’s mother
RaaviAlice KaushikShiva’s wife
RishitaSimranBudharupDev’s wife
Keerti SethShrutiBishtRishita’s sister
Janardhan SethVijhayBadlaaniRishita’s father
Kalyani SethGeetikaShyamRishita’s mother

Pandya Store: Where to Watch?

The show airs on Star Plus, Monday through Friday at 7:30PM, as well as on the Disney+Hotstar streaming platform.

Pandya Store Latest Story

In the latest episode, all the family members are going to have ice cream, except Raavi and Shiva in the new car that Rishita got as a gift from Sagar (her boss). All are enjoying songs playing inside the car. Here, in another scenario, Raavi bribes Krish to go out and enjoy as she wants some spare time with Shiva. Due to some issue in the house, water was leaking, and it appeared like rain. Raavi dances on tip-tip barsa song, Shiva stares at her. Later, he taunts her where she has hidden the camera. Raavi gets upset and says he can’t see the real emotion inside her.

The car gets into an accident, and Rishita scolds Dev that he wasn’t driving well and informs her boss about the accident. Dev and Krish go to a mechanic to get the car repaired. Later, Rishita taunts Dev that he is jealous of her success.

The stocks in the Pandya store are spoiled, and customers are not coming to their store. Dhara assures Gautam that the customer will come again.

The show has a mixed story of different characters, and every cast is doing their best to stick the audience to their shows.

Stay tuned for the updates of the latest episode!

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