Elections 2018: BJP ahead of CPIM in Nagaland and Tripura; close competition in Meghalaya

In the election 2018, the three constituencies saw a struggle to win over the government, between the Red and the Saffron. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) who had been a small part in these three states till 2013, hoped to do well in this elections. However, there were expectations that the parties which had been ruling the states for a longer time, may emerge out to be stronger.


The Left Front, Communist Party of India (Marxist), was ruling over the government of Tripura since 1995, Congress was ruling Meghalaya since 2008, whereas, Naga People’s Front (NPF) of Nagaland had been ruling it since 2003. Yet, the BJP rulers and supporters were quite hopeful that BJP would win the elections this time and establish its government on all the three states. Well, BJP with its allies Indigenous People’s Front of Tripura (IPFT) and National Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP) were exceeding the other parties in Tripura and Nagaland respectively.

Tripura election results

Northeast Elections 2018 Polling

The polling was supposed to be carried out in the 60 member assemblies of the states but it took place only in 59, due to the sudden death of few candidates in Meghalaya and Tripura. The polling took place in Nagaland on February 18th. In the earlier times, people witnessed a strong fight between the Left Front (CPIM) and Congress, but this time, the struggle was completely between the Red (CPIM) and Saffron (BJP). Almost 91% of polling was recorded in Tripura this year. The polling was held on 27th February in Meghalaya and Nagaland. It was recorded to be 80% and 85% respectively. The counting of votes, began exactly at 8.00 am.

Imposed curfew

Prior to the counting, curfews were imposed in Zunhetoo and Wokha district of Nagaland. This was done to ensure security of the people and avoid any balance. On the voting day, one person was killed while three were injured due to the clash among various parties and bomb blasts.

Northeast Elections 2018: Different parties

The members of various parties were quite hopeful about their win. Most of them believed that winning the seats in these states may have an effect on the central politics as well. They wished for a change. While BJP leader Ram Madhav said “Seeing the early trends, I feel that in Tripura BJP is going to do very well. In Nagaland too, our alliance is doing very well and Congress is trailing in Meghalaya”, the CPI(M) leader Brinda Karat said, ”We are very confident”. Although there were slight chances of CPIM in the elections.

Union Minister Kiren Rijiju too was quite hopeful of the win of BJP in all the three states. He said that the win will affect the national politics. He further added, “We are confident of forming the government.”

BJP Tripura Elections 2018

The Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh and BJP leader Yogi Adityanath also expressed his view of BJP winning the elections in Tripura. He called it to be a “historic” winning. He further added, “I would like to congratulate PM (Narendra) Modi, Amit Shah ji (BJP president) and our party workers. Even our performance in Nagaland and Meghalaya is historic. Important day in Indian politics.”

Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad came up to tell that the support of the whole north east was with BJP. He said, “Initially we used to say ‘Congress mukt Bharat’. Now I think we can say ‘Vaampanth Mukt Bharat’ as well”. He further added, “We are continuing our alliance (with BJP), we have not parted at any point of time. I have two ministers in my cabinet from the BJP. Some leaders of the BJP are in touch with us. Don’t know if NDPP will come back. Himanta Biswa Sarma, Kiren Rijiju are in talks with us. We welcome the BJP if they want to be part of the government.”

In a press conference in Agartala, Madhav added he would wait for the final results and that he hopes for the part to win over 40+ seats. The BJP leader appreciates the hard work of Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and BJP chief Amit Shah of bringing in the “historic” win.

All these various parties came together to express their hope of winning and desire of forming the government. Most of the leaders were indeed hopeful of BJP forming the government and taking in a “historic” win over these three states.

Northeast Elections 2018: The win

As per expectations, BJP with its ally Indigenous People’s Front of Tripura left behind the CPI(M). The allies were 40 seats ahead of the Left Front. However, Congress was winning over in Meghalaya. This was reported by the sources of Election Commission.

Even in Nagaland, the ally of BJP and Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP) were ahead of the other parties with 34 seats. Although in 24 constituencies of Nagaland, the NPF of Naga People’s Front Party was ahead.The alliance won over 3 seats and was leading with 12. The ruling party of Nagaland, NPF got four seats and NPP was leading with 3 seats.

In Tripura, the BJP was ahead of 29 seats while its ally Indigenous People’s Front of Tripura was head in 8 seats. The trends stated that the ruling party CPIM which had been in power over Tripura for almost the last 25 years, was ahead only in 19 seats.

The trends also stated that the BJP state President Biplab Kumar Deb and party MLA Sudip Roy who contested the elections were leading in their respective seats of Banamlipur and Agartala.

Out of the 59 constituencies, the trends showed that Congress won over two seats which was followed by the lead of National People’s Party in 13 seats. Chief Minister Mukul Sangma won over Songsak and Ampati constituencies. Congress established an early lead in Meghalaya and won over 11 seats by 2:30 pm. While BPP managed to bag five seats, the other parties got around 9 seats. However, in Meghalaya BJP managed to get only one seat.

BJP leader Ram Madhav added, “The results of North East are going to be very hood for the BJP”.


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