As the Nation enters Lockdown 4.0, here’s what you need to know

On 17th May, Sunday, when Lockdown 3.0 was coming to an end, the Centre extended the lockdown till 31st May. The starting of the 4th phase has made it one of the longest lockdown across the world. However, the government has ensured some relaxations depending on the interstate movement of vehicles across states and Union Territories. All the movement has been decided depending on the Red, Orange, and green Zones.

In his previous address to the Nation, PM Modi stated that he would come up with proper guidelines for the lockdown. And, when the lockdown began, he did come up with the discussion. After a close discussion with the Chief Ministers of respective states on 11th May, PM decided to open up the lockdown across different places.

There is a list of activities prohibited and allowed. So, let’s have a close look at it.

Lockdown 4.0: What is Prohibited?

All domestic and international air traveling of passengers has been prohibited except for domestic flying of the materials.

The metro rail services.

The functioning of Educational institutions.

All places of public gathering, such as cafes, restaurants, and bars, need to be closed. Apart from malls, religious places of worship also need to be closed down.

Since physical movement is prohibited, online education or distance learning is promoted. The restaurant kitchens have been permitted to work, thereby promoting takeaway orders.

Shops and Markets

Social distancing has been asked to maintain. Thus, based on that, a specific time has been allocated to the local shops and markets to operate. As per the social distancing guidelines, every customer should maintain a distance of six feet, and the shops shouldn’t allow more than five people at a time.

Night Curfew

Based on the non-essential activities, every person has been advised not to move out of their houses between 7 pm to 7 am, thereby promoting night curfew.

Protection of Individuals

Kids below the age of 10 and adults above the age of 65 are the most prone to viruses. Apart from them, pregnant ladies and women with comorbidities are also very prone to the virus. Such people who are extremely prone to the virus have been asked to stay at home to maintain health requirements.

The containment zones will have the working of only essential activities. The people who are specifically prohibited need to maintain the guideline as suggested by the health ministry. 

Lockdown 4.0: What is the Role of the State?

One needs to wait for the state and UTs to declare red, green, orange, and containment zones as specified by the Health Ministry and the number of cases available.

The containment and buffer zones to be identified by the municipal corporations and state government thereby maintaining the guidelines declared by the Health Ministry.

Strict parameters to be maintained across containment zones allow only limited people for essential services and goods—more precautions to be maintained across the buffer zones to prevent the coming in of more cases.

Punjab, Mizoram, Maharashtra, and Tamil Nadu were the early enforcers to have extended the lockdown till 31st May. On the other hand, Telangana had extended the lockdown till 29th May.

The country’s first lockdown was imposed on 25th March for 21 days, which was later extended till 4th May on 15th April. Further, the lockdown was extended till 17th May, and now with the fourth phase, it has been extended till 31st May. This is the fourth phase, and the country has surely been in the longest lockdown.

The COVID-19 cases across the country have been rising, and the extensions have been made to flatten the curve while maintaining government resources.

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