Modi’s wave spreads to Jind, wins over for the first time

The major national party, BJP has created a stir and history by winning over Jind for the first time in all these years. It seems like the Modi wave is going all the places. The contesting participant, Krishan Midha, secured a win in the Jind constituency by defeating the Jannayak Janata Party (JJP) candidate, Digvijay Singh Chautala. The victory further proved to be one worth the celebration for there was a difference of 12935 votes.

BJP in Jind: The winning Candidate

Krishan Midha is a graduate in Ayurvedic medicine. He created history in the district for the win marked BJP’s beginning of ‘Jat-land’ seat. Also, the candidate was able to secure a massive victory of 50,566 votes. While Midha from BJP was leading, Chautala had a tough time defending the win for he was ranking just behind with 37,631 votes. For the first time in history did the saffron party got home over Jind. Although they had contested for the seat earlier, they weren’t able to secure it. It was only INLD or Congress who took over the position.

BJP in Jind: A win for the other parties

BJP Wins in Jind

Talking of INLD and Congress, these two were the leading parties in the Jind constituency. Congress had put up one of their strongest candidates, Randeep Surjewala. He is the national spokesperson for the party. He faced a massive defeat for the party by securing only 22,742 votes. This number of votes, made them land in the third position.

Next, came up INLD, Indian National Lok Dal Party standing at the fifth position. This party had earlier secured a win over the Jind proving for two consecutive votes. As far as the Haryana Constituent Assembly is concerned this was the major opposition party. But, this time the party failed miserably to secure the win. It landed in the fifth position with the mere 3454 votes. Moreover, the contesting candidate, Umed Redhu lost his security deposit too.

Another party from the Jind Province, Loktantra Suraksha Party, led by the rebel BJP MP, Raj Kumar Saini was able to secure the fourth position. They got 13,582 votes in their consideration.

BJP in Jind: Voting

The voting was scheduled in the province on 28 January, and 130589 voters came up to exercise their rights. Such fluctuation in the team caused massive tension among the people, and thus, the Haryana Police and paramilitary forces were called to solve the problem. Many people have been reporting that there were fluctuations with the EVM machine.

History of the Midha Family

The current winner, Krishan Midha is the son of late Hari Chand Midha. Hari Chand Midha was one of the renowned politicians of Haryana. He had served as the MLA for Indian National Lok Dal. However, his death in August 2018 initiated the byelection.

This election was one of the essential ones. Various leading parties came up to prevent their power. The tenure of the election is supposed to be for eight months. But this just acted as a beginning and what more will be there for the parties in the coming months. These results are sure to affect the state assembly elections that are to be held soon this year.

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