Milky Way is moving towards a catastrophic galactic collision

The recent studies of the scientists have found a shocking revelation. They suspect that the milky way is moving to a neighbouring galaxy which may cause a collision in the next two billion years. This may awaken the dormant black hole of the Milky Way and lead the solar system to devastation and cause damage to the system.

Milky Way Collision: Research

The research was led by the astrophysicists of Durham University of UK. They suspect that the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) may be hitting the Milky Way in the next two billion years. Initially, they were expecting that the milky way will be colliding with another neighbouring galaxy, Andromeda in eight billion years. However, this new revelation of the collision between milky way and LMC can be a major shocking one thereby destroying the solar system.

The active black hole on collision may send out some high energy radiation. However, this may lead to cosmic fireworks which may not hurt the Earth, but the initial collision may damage the overall positioning of the Earth on space.

The galaxies of our milky way have many smaller satellites which have remained in their orbits for a longer time. Gradually, these movements, collide and are separated from their original galaxy.

Milky Way Collision

Milky Way Galactic Collision: Large Magellanic Cloud

The brightest satellite of the Milky Way is the Large Magellanic Cloud and has entered our neighbourhood some 1.5 billion years ago. Currently, it is 163000 light years away from the milky way. The scientists predicted that it might either move out or escape the gravitational pull of the Galaxy. But the recent studies show that the large Magellanic cloud is darker than what it was thought to be.

As per the study, it will eventually collide and bring doom to the Galaxy.

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