List of long weekends in 2018

Brace yourself for an eventful 2018. If the year 2017 was filled with joy because of 14 long weekends, 2018 will bring 16 long weekends to add to the fun. So, plan and pack your bags for a merrier 2018. Here is the list of long weekends in 2018 month wise:

Month Month, Day Holiday/Weekend
Jan Jan 26, Friday  Republic Day (Compulsory Holiday)
Jan 27, Saturday  Weekend
Jan 28, Sunday  Weekend
 list of weekends in India 2018
Feb February 10, Saturday  Weekend
February 11, Sunday  Weekend
February 12, Monday  Take a leave
February 13, Tuesday  Mahashivratri (Restricted Holiday)
 Feb long weekends 2018
March March 2, Friday  Holi (Gazetted Holiday)
March 3, Saturday  Weekend
March 4, Sunday  Weekend
March 29, Thursday  Mahavir Jayanti (Gazetted Holiday)
March 30, Friday  Good Friday (Compulsory Holiday)
March 31, Saturday  Weekend
 march long weekends 2018
April April 1, Sunday  Weekend
April 28, Saturday  Weekend
April 29, Sunday  Weekend
April 30, Monday  Buddha Purnima (Gazetted Holiday)
 april long weekend 2018
June June 15, Friday  Idul’ Fitr (Compulsory Holiday)
June 16, Saturday  Weekend
June 17, Sunday  Weekend
 june places to visit
Aug August 22, Wednesday  Idul’ Zuha (Compulsory Holiday)
August 23, Thursday  Take the day off.
August 24, Friday  Thiru Onam (Restricted Holiday)
August 25, Saturday  Weekend
August 26, Sunday  Weekend/Raksha Bandhan
 aug long weekends 2018
Sep September 1, Saturday  Weekend
September 2, Sunday  Weekend
September 3, Monday  Janmashtami (Restricted Holiday)
September 13, Thursday  Ganesh Chaturthi (Gazetted Holiday)
September 14, Friday  Take the day off.
September 15, Saturday  Weekend
September 16, Sunday  Weekend
September 29, Saturday  Weekend
September 30, Sunday  Weekend<
Oct October 1, Monday  Take the day off.
October 2, Tuesday  Gandhi Jayanti (Compulsory Holiday)
October 18, Thursday  Ram Navami (Gazetted Holiday)
October 19, Friday  Dussera (Compulsory Holiday)
October 20, Saturday  Weekend
October 21, Sunday  Weekend
 oct weekends places
Nov November 3, Saturday  Weekend
November 4, Sunday  Weekend
November 5, Monday  Dhanteras/ Take the day off.
November 6, Tuesday  Take the day off.
November 7, Wednesday  Diwali (Compulsory Holiday)
November 8, Thursday  Gowardhan Puja/ Take the day off.
November 9, Friday  Bhai Duj (Restricted Holiday)
November 10, Saturday  Weekend
November 11, Sunday  Weekend
 places to visit in nov
Dec December 22, Saturday  Weekend
December 23, Sunday  Weekend
December 24, Monday  Take the day off.
December 25, Tuesday  Christmas Day (Compulsory Holiday)

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