Jaish’s Terror Camp is in Balakot, was stated by US Intelligence 15 years ago

One of the biggest terrorist organisation, Jaish-e-Mohammad involved in the Pulwama Attack and many others had its training camp in Balakot. This terror camp was however brought down by Indian Air Force a few days ago. But the secret US Defence Department had mentioned about the training camp of Jaish-e-Mohammad being in Balakot fifteen years ago itself.

The memorandum talks about Hafez K Rahman, a Pakistani nationalist and the Guantanamo detainees. He was born and brought up in Gujrar, Pakistani and 20 years of age. He was a jihadi. In the 2004 document, Major General Geoffrey Miller from the US Army had stated that the Rahman received his training from Balakot, an area which has the Jaish-e-Mohammad training camps. Here, the terrorists were offering advanced as well as basic training for explosives and artillery.

Jaish terror camp US 15 years

The report further added that Rahman had admitted being ready for fighting Jihad against US and allies and would continue to fight and receive training from Jaish-e-Mohammad. General Miller further added that Al-Qaids supports JeM in its Jihad fight against the US. It further added that the extremist Mullahs of Pakistani Mullahs had a huge impact on Rahman and thus he moved to the Taliban in support of Jihad.

Miller stated that JeM is one of the major terrorist groups and has a huge group in Kunduz, Afghanistan. Northern Alliance had captured Rahman and sent him to the US forces and eventually transported to Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, Cuba. Various other secretive and diplomatic information was too release by WikiLeaks involving the US State Department and Department of Defence.

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