India is all set to Highlight 5G Readiness

Just before the starting of the Mobile World Congress, India is all set to highlight the 5G readiness and leadership in technology at MWC 2018. India is among one of the largest delegations at the Mobile World Congress. The telecom event is all set to begin from 26th February in Barcelona, Spain. At MWC, India will be unveiling its global numero uno position as far as the data usage in the country is concerned.

5G Readiness MWC 20185G Readiness: Official Statements

Telecom Secretary Aruna Sundararajan informed the media about the participation of India in Mobile World Congress 2018. She said, “We want to position ourselves not as a recipient of 5G technology but active contributor of the 5G technology. Whether it is core network technology, all services of application ecosystem”.

At the event, India’s delegation of 90 members will be led by Telecom Minister Manoj Sinha.

The high level committee set up by the Indian government is working on 5G technology roadmap of India which includes programs like participation in events of global standards, test facilities, etc.

Sundararajan further said that most of the cases which are being showcased for 5G services at present are available in large scale for the “developed advanced economies”. She added to her statement, “We want to make sure that we start building in developmental used cases particularly in the field of health, agriculture etc. We should be an integral part of standards”.

5G Readiness India5G Readiness: Technology leadership

Regarding the technology leadership of India, Sundararajan said that India has leaped from its 155th position to the top positions, as far as the data usage is concerned in the country. She also added, that India is the house to the world’s largest network based on internet protocol with Reliance Jio. India also has the largest solar-powered networks situated in the “naxal affected areas”.

She continued further, “LWE (Left Wing Extremist affected area project) deployment that we have done in phase 1 that will be world largest green energy powered telecom network. Now what we will do for the (LWE project) remaining that will really cement India’s position as leading player in the green network.”

5G Readiness: Solar powered mobile powers

Around 2,200 solar powered mobile towers have been installed across nine different states of India by BSNL, a state run firm with the help of Vihaan Networks and Himachal Futuristic Communications, the indigenous telecom gear makers.

Concerning this matter, Sundararajan said, “We have now end to end spectrum of telecom capabilities which are relevant for other emerging countries on the ground that these are highly affordable and these are robust. Minister (Sinha) has already said that India is willing to collaborate with other countries for adoption of these technologies.”

According to an official at GSMA, 90 people from the industry and government will form a delegation for the MWC 2018. This is supposed to be the largest delegation from the country.

She concluded by saying that the main aim of the delegation would be to spread the message regarding the importance of digital inclusion within all the product technology service solutions. If not, more than 5 million people won’t be able to avail the latest technologies.


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