CBS’ Fire Country a Captivating Story about Inmate Firefighters

Fire Country’ first premiered on CBS on October 7, 2022. The series is about a young man, Bode Donovan, played by Max Thieriot, a convict who spends time in jail. In anticipation of lessening his prison time and to redeem himself from his past crimes, he joins a firefighting program in Northern California. Destiny seems to have brought Donovan back to the same place where he grew up, amidst people who have grudges against him because of what he was in his past.

Original NetworkCBS
Release DateOctober 7, 2022 – Present

Fire Country: Meet the Cast

Max ThieriotBode Donovan
Kevin AlejandroManny Perez
Billy BurkeVince Leone
Diane FarrSharon Leone
Jordan CallowayJake Crawford
Stephanie ArcilaGabriella Perez
Jules LatimerEve Edwards
Michelle Choi-LeeAna
W. Tré DavisFreddy
Kaylah ZanderAydan
Marcelo ArroyoJulio

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Caught in a whirlpool of his past and present, Bode, along with his friends, fights the fires that plague the region and also tries to enjoy their life. When Bode realizes he has inadvertently returned to the place he once left behind, not only does he cause a wave of unrest in the existing firefighting department of the town, but he also has a chance to confront his past.

The series has several thrilling action scenes, fiery drama, and emotive uproar. There are several stimulating elements in the series. The audience speculating whether or not real-life events have inspired the story. 

Is Fire Country Based on a True Story?

The protagonist of this series originally grew up in Occidetal, a small town in Northern California surrounded by natural forests and prone to fires. The firefighters of this region are always ready to control fires and protect the people and wildlife. Hence, Thieriot has developed respect for the service the firefighters extend to the people of this region. The idea for creating the show revolves around the life of the firefighters and the people living in this area.

It was a novel idea that impressed many, and CBS soon announced in November 2021 that Theiriot, along with Joan Rater and Tony Phelan was working on a new project.

In the beginning, the show was called ‘Cal Fire’, and Theiriot himself was a part of the writing team. With time several layers were added to the storyline allowing the production team to reconsider the name of the series.

The show has been received moderately well. Several elements have been added from the life experiences of the protagonist to make the show intriguing and motivating.

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