Bigg Boss Ultimate Elimination, Nominations for this week and Online Voting Results

Bigg Boss Ultimate began the fifth week, and there are more fun, drama, and twists awaiting for the audiences. The reality show is heading towards an entertaining journey with Vinetha walking out from the BB ultimate house last week. So, the shocking situation let no eviction on week 4.

Bigg Boss Ultimate has spiced up things with two wildcard entries,

  • Suresh Chakravarthy
  • KPY Sathish Kumar

Last week there was no eviction from the house, so there are possibilities of a double eviction this week.

Bigg Boss Ultimate Nominations

This week, seven contestants are on the nominations list,

  • Snehan
  • Juliana
  • Anitha
  • Abhirami
  • Balaji T
  • Suruthi
  • Niroop

As per the online voting results, Niroop and Abhirami have received the maximum votes in the voting results. However, Balaji and Shruthi are in the danger zone. This week there are high chances of Snehan entering the danger zone due to his weak game performance.

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Highlights of Bigg Boss Ultimate Nominations for this week

  • This week Captain Bala and Niroop are safe from elimination and nominations.
  • Thamarai and Julie are on the top of the voting list this weekend, while Snehan, Bhalajie, and Suruthi are in the danger zone.
  • Suruthi, Anita, and Niroop nominated Abirami, Balaji, and Julie this weekend.
  • Wildcard Satish and Suresh are out of the nomination list this weekend.
  • Anitha and Abhirami are safe from nominations.

Keep voting to make your favorite contestant winner!

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