Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5 Elimination List – Who got Evicted Today?

Bigg Boss Tamil season 5 is inspired by the Bigg Boss Hindi, and the audience and fans are spilling immense love to the show. The Bigg boss Tamil season 5 aired on Vijay TV with 18 contestants. The 6 contestants facing off now to win the trophy of Bigg Boss are,

  • Raju
  • Priyanka
  • Tamara
  • Nirupam
  • Bhavani
  • Aamir

The contestants are giving their full efforts to entertain the audience and be in the game. However, till now, many wild card entries have taken place.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5: List of Eliminated Contestants

We have rounded up the names of eliminated contestants so far. Keep scrolling to check out.

  • On 14th November 2021, Madhumita Sarkar, a costume designer, got evicted from the Bigg boss house.
  • Gana Isaivani got eliminated from Bigg Boss house on 21st November 2021.
  • Akshara Reddy, a model, gets evicted from the Bigg boss’s house on 26th December.
  • Abhishek Raja, on 5th December, got eliminated from the Bigg boss house.
  • ShrutiJayadevan, a model eliminated from the Bigg boss house on 7th November 2021.
  • Singer ChinnaPonnu was evicted from the show on 31st October 2021.
  • Iykki Berry, a singer, got eliminated from the show on 28th November 2021.
  • Varun, an actor, got eliminated from the Bigg boss’s house on 26th December 2021.
  • Nadia Chang, a video creator, got evicted from the show on 17th October 2021.
  • Actor Imman Annachi was evicted from the show on 12th December
  • Abhinay Vaddi, an actor, was eliminated from the Bigg boss house on 19th December 2021.
  • Namita Marimuthu, an actress, walked away from the show due to medical reasons.
  • Sanjeev Venkat got eliminated on 2nd January 2022 from Bigg Boss Tamil.
  • On 6th January 2022, CibyChandran took Rs. 12 lakh briefcase and left the Bigg Boss Tamil house.

We will keep the list updated, so stay tuned!

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