Bigg Boss 15 Weekend Ka Vaar: Salman Khan Welcomes 2022 in Grand Style with Bijli Bijli Stars and comedy Queen Bharti

The show is heading towards the face-off and entertaining the audience with its unique storyline and game rules. Throughout this weekend, the stars are seen putting all the efforts towards reaching the finale and fight for the prize and money.

If you have missed the sneak peeks of Bigg Boss 15 of this weekend, read it as we have rounded up some highlights of this weekend. Let’s check them out.

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Bigg Boss 15 Weekend ka Vaar Highlights

In the 29th Dec episode, the inmates were given the task to get them out from the nominations round. The game will be played between Umar, Karan, Rashami, Abhijeet, and Tejasswi. The housemates were asked to count 28 minutes and who will be close to the counting will win the game. All nominated intimates have to sit in the box available in the ground area and count 28 minutes and leave the box when they think that 28 minutes is completed. The other housemates to distract the inmates, can shout, use utensils but can’t help the nominated intimates.

The first inmate to go into the box was Karan and Pratik puts a stick in the box. Shamita burns chilies, Pratik again puts water in the box, Devo gives chili smoke to Karan, Nishant keeps talking near to Karan’s box to distract him.

Everyone tried to win the game and distract the Inmates to count.

  • On 30th Dec, Devo will be seen throwing water into the box when Abhijit is in the box. A hot argument was blown between Rakhi and Devo. Rashmi was seen helping Abhijeet. Next, Rashmi went inside the box and Karan was seen hiding the deodorants.
  • Next, Umar goes inside the box, and Rashmi was seen counting on behalf of him in the washroom, but Nishant doesn’t let Rashmi come out. Then, Tejaswi went to the box and after the game ended up, Bigg Boss announced that Rashmi, Karan nad Tejaswi were closest to the 28 minutes and they are safe.
  • Bigg Boss asks to nominate people in place of them. They nominate Shamita, Pratik, and Devolena.

Next Morning all women have to do the task of doing their facial and walk a ramp.

Bigg Boss 15 Welcoming New Year

This weekend ka Vaar was the interesting one as it bid a goodbye to the previous year and welcomed warmly the New Year. The Bigg Boss set a grand evening night as some favorite B-Town stars come to stage to rock the party with Chulbul Pandey, who is seen in a jolly mood to welcome 2022.

Bigg Boss 15 contestant and host Salman Khan has a grand celebration of 2022 with Bharti Singh, Harsh Limbachiyaa, and Bijli Bijli fame Palak Tiwari who has taught Salman her dance moves. The New Year will be full of Flurry performances and exciting games.

Bigg Boss 15 Weekend ka Vaar Episode

For the 2022 celebration, Anu Malik has also joined with Palak Tiwari and singer-composer Shekhar Ravjiani. Salman also welcomed Waluscha De Sousa, Siddharth Nigam, and Janat Zubair for this bash.

  • Palak Tiwari makes an electrifying entry on stage who teaches Salman the famous hook steps.
  • Waluscha De Sousa also charms the audience with her fabulous performance on “Bollywood Wala Dance”.
  • Sidharth Nigam and Jannat Zubair make some fun of some ongoing trends of social media.
  • Anu Malik and Shekhar Ravjani later will be seen enjoying the party with some of the iconic performances.

On New Year’s eve, the Weekend ka Vaar Bharti and Harsh will be seen playing exciting games with the housemates. Inside the house, Harsh and Bharti will enter the house and ask the contestants to impress Abhijit Bichukale, later in which Devo, Tejasswi, and Shamita will be seen to woo him.

Weekend ka Vaar Updates

Later in the weekend ka vaar episode Salman Khan welcomes everyone on stage and wishes New Year to every housemate. Salman khan asks contestants about their 2022 resolutions. Shilpa Shetty will connect to Shamita inside the house with a video call to wish her a Happy New Year. Shilpa passes the wishes to each contestant and advise them to play well. Shekhar performs for everyone in The Bigg Boss and Salman Khan praises his performance.

Salman asks to dance Karan, Umar and Abhijeet. Next, Palak Tiwari is seen on the Bigg Boss stage and talks about her song Cinderella. Salman says she is the daughter of the winner of Bigg Boss season 4, Shweta Tiwari. After Anu Malik hits the show and he is seen singing the song of Shekhar. Salman Khan welcomes and congratulates Zannat Zubair and Sidharth Nigam for their new song Wallah Wallah.

Later, Salman asks Nishnat to get the cake from the storeroom. They celebrate the New Year by cutting the cake. Tejaswi is seen hugging Karan and wishes him Happy New Year. Salman hopes everyone makes their resolution come true and informs them that Dharmendra will join them in the next episode.

If you want to see the whole episode, you can watch them on Colors or the Voot app.

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