Covid-19 Apps you must Download at this Moment – Deployed by the State & Central Government

The Indian government is taking all the necessary measures to fight Covid-19, be it from a 1-day lock-down to the 21-day lock-down imposed, sanitization of public places or the pausing the public transport.

At this moment the need of the hour is to #stayathome. Today we bring to you few apps that you must download to keep a check on what’s happening around you as well as report any issue you might come across during this pandemic.

Note: Though their is still a lot of concern when it comes to how the apps are using the user’s info but some of them are keeping a check on the user’s privacy as well. The list below is not an exhaustive list but the one’s that have been launched by the government so far.

Aarogya Setu

Aarogya Setu App Download

The app launched by the Government of India focuses on keeping the users informed of what’s going in and around them, the risks and the benefits pertaining to the containment of Covid-19 disease. The app can be downloaded easily from the Google Play Store, Aarogya Setu. This app will connect all the essential services to the people of India.

Covid-19 Feedback

The Covid-19 Feedback app has been launched by the Central Government of India to tackle the Coronavirus cases. The app captures the feedback of patients who have undergone the treatment and also highlights how the data is used on the playstore link here,

The data will be used to highlight efficiencies, issues and process related changes that need to undertaken.

Other Apps by Different State Governments

The coronavirus app names along with their Google Play store download can be find below,

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