Aarya 2 Cast, Story, Episode Review and How to Watch Online (Disney+Hotstar)

Aarya, aka Sushmita Sen, has made her digital debut from Aarya and her impeccable performance left the audience demanding more. Arya season 1 ended with a cliffhanger and now the makers are back with season 2.

The unique storyline and crime, thriller, and suspense have made this web series a great hit. Aarya is a beloved wife, a mother of 3 children but was not aware of the illegal business of her husband. A lioness start roaring when her husband was murdered by a masked man. She has grown to be a mafia queen after her husband’s dealth and protect her loved ones.

The quest of life that Aarya wanted to explore about her family? Who is the family? The father who killed her son? Or the brother who wanted to murder her?

Well! If you are confused about where to watch Aarya 2, keep scrolling for more information.

Aarya 2 Cast  

Sushmita senAarya Sareen
Vikas KumarACP Khan
Sikander KherDaulat
Chandrasekhar Singh Tej
Manish ChaudharyShekhawat
Ankur BhatiaSangram
Namit DasJawahar Bishnoi
Maya SaraoMaya Bishnoi

Aarya Season 2 Creators

DirectionRam Madhvani, Sandeep Modi, Vinod Rawat
WritingAnu Singh Choudhary, Ram Madhvani, Sandeep Modi, Sandeep Srivastava
Film editingKhushboo Agarwal raj, Abhimanyu Chaudhary, Satyajeet Kelkar

How to Watch Aarya Season 2?

Aarya Season 2 has been released on Disney+Hotstar. And if you want to watch this web series, you have to take a subscription to this OTT platform.

In case, if you have not watched the Aarya season 1, you can also watch the first season on the same OTT platform.

Aarya season 1 had 9 episodes, while Aarya season 2 has 8 episodes in all to entertain you.

Aarya 2 Review

A mother’s selfless emotions can’t be beaten by anything. When it comes to her children, the mother becomes the most powerful and courageous to fight with everyone to save their children. Sushmita Sen brought this emotion and love to the silver screen with a thriller twist and suspense.

The story starts with a new place and in a new form, starring Aarya being settled in Austria and her father, brother and Shekhawat is fighting for their bail in the drug case. However, Aarya is forced to return to India to give her testimony in that case. But, little did she knows, the new threats and challenges are waiting for her. Not just that Russians are after her life for their 300 crores consignment, but at the same time, Shekhawat’s father is keeping an eye on her to avenge her son’s death.

After she settles in a security safe house, she is attacked, and soon the run for life and to save her children begins. But, for this time, she has no one to trust. Aarya, with a clear motive, wanted to end the chaos and get out of the nasty business.

Aarya 2 Episode Insights

In each episode, there come new twists and turns, which adds to Aarya’s trouble leaving you on edge to ponder over the next episode. The plotline is confused and a little dragged, but the perfect climax to the end of all mystery just compensates all the things.

The makers have done a great job! They linked the story with the previous installment in a biting twist. If we talk about the performance of Sushmita Sen, then no one can pull off this character better than her. In the second season, Aarya Sareen comes back as fierce, more than in the first season.

On the other side, Sikander Kher also won the hearts by serving as a perfect supporter, not many dialogues, but his role is just wow.

Overall, Aarya season 2 has managed to entertain the audience with its amazing crime thriller.

If you have not brushed up your memory with the Aarya season 1 just go and watch the show on Disney+Hotstar.

Stay tuned for more updates on the web series!

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