President’s address to nation on 69th Republic Day

The nation’s President Shri Ram Nath Kovind has been pleasing the nation ever since. On the eve of 69th Republic Day, President addressed the nation. Earlier that day in honour, President had hosted a lunch as he received the ASEAN Heads of State and Government at Rashtrapati Bhavan.

During the lunch, the President said, “India-ASEAN relations have come a long way since we established our Dialogue Partnership with ASEAN on January 28, 1992. Today, ASEAN is a Strategic Partner for India. We have 30 dialogue mechanisms between India and ASEAN, including Annual Summits and 7 Ministerial Meetings in a wide range of sectors.”

Republic Day 2018 - Ram Nath Kovind

President’s address to the nation will be broadcasted in Hindi and English in one of the channel’s oldest news channels, Doordarshan. Then other regional channels and Doordarshan will also broadcast the speech in various regional languages.

Highlights of the Ram Nath Kovind speech

President Ram Nath Kovind expressed his gratitude towards all the soldiers. He further went on to say that Republic day is the day to reminiscence the freedom fighters and their sacrifice for the country. Not only this, the President also showed his humbleness and expressed his gratitude to all the army men, doctors, farmers, nurses, scientists, engineers and mothers of the country.

The President said that equality, secularism and friendship were the foundations of the country. The President also took to thank each and every citizen who contributed towards the well-being of the country. He said he could not mention all of them but he would definitely thank them.

Nations Freedom Fighter

The President expressed his belief and said that our nation’s freedom fighter not only fought to attain freedom but also to bring in a social change. He also said that the lessons taught by these freedom fighters still inspire all the youth for the development of nation.

President addressed the youth of the country and said about 60% of them are below 35 years of age. These people are the future of the country.

He also talked about the different programmes started by the government to impart education among the youth of the country.

The President showed his concern about one of the most serious issues, malnutrition. He said the government is working towards eradicating this problem.

The President expressed his thoughts and said, “Selflessness can build a selfless nation”.

Republic Day 2018 IndiaThe President also said that the citizens of the country are always ready to help each other in times of need. The citizens are also ready to give blood. Addressing this nature of the citizens, the President said,  “Our society is based on the principle of helping each other.”

The President said that the country is always ready to help the citizens when they land in any trouble in foreign countries.

He said, “We have to work to build a better nation, where every citizen works to his or her full potential.”

He wishes to eradicate the poverty and uplift the economically backward people.

In the conclusion of his speech, he congratulated everyone and said that everyone should be inspired by country’s culture and traditions.

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