21 Days Nationwide Lockdown starting today midnight in India

Prime Minister Narender Modi, announced at 08:00pm, a nationwide lockdown for the next 21 days starting midnight today.

“Jaan hai to Jahan hai”, Narender Modi said along with emphasizing on assume that there is a lakshman rekha outside your own house which you do not have to cross.

It is important to self quarantine at the moment and it is important that everybody in the country understands social distancing. To make everyone understand the pace at which Coronavirus is spreading, Narender Modi gave some facts,

The first 1 lakh people fell sick in 67 days, the next 1 lakh in 11 days and the next 1 lakh in just mere 4 days.

He also further quoted,

To save the country, to save nation’s population, to save you and your family, there will be a complete lockdown across the country.

We really need to take care of ourselves and the family. And in case you feel any symptoms of cold and fever, kindly do not self medicate, only consult with your doctor and follow the prescription.

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