Why Krishna and his teachings are so important in our life?

Krishna the ultimate Solution to all the Queries!!

Well, to start my endeavors towards writing, the first topic or person or entity that came to my mind, was Krishna. Not for the reason that I was taught since childhood to start any new work, give any exams, crack any job interview etc., thanking God, but for the reason that He has been my all-time favorite character whether fictional or real from any scriptural texts written ever (PS: More than my current favorite Jon snow from Game of Thrones). And, for the reason that He helped me in solving problems, showing me the right path, bringing me out of confusion in day to day life experience. He always had a great role in influencing me. Although I have been brought up in an urban Hindu family, with the frequent conduct of Narayan puja’s during Poornima(full moon day according to The Hindu calendar) at home, listening to Krishna’s childhood stories from Thamma (Grandma) was always a part of my childhood, since I can remember.

Krishna’s Role in Individuals Life

Personally, I want to thank Ramananda Sagar’s Shri Krishna and B R Chopra’s Mahabharata that it became easy for me to memorize the life experiences of Krishna. Being neither religious nor an atheist person, I used to be in crossroad situations when I did not know how to act?  So many times I was Clueless about what to do next? Many times, I have experienced that Krishna as the solution when I was stuck.

So far, Krishna’s value system ‘Dharma’ has taught me to follow the path of wisdom and lead the life in a simpler form. If you ask me to describe Krishna in one word I would say – Multiple-Personality. He can teach you to love and also to fight whenever required. You can learn to be soft spoken and be patient from His experiences. Also, he can help you in quick decision makings and choose between what is right and what is wrong without wasting time.

Teachings from Krishna that one should follow:

 1) Never disrespect people who are weaker than you or those who are lower than your stature. One should not make fun of them. When a person has money or power, he sometimes gets out of mind and forgets about one thing that is eternal and the ultimate truth i.e. time. Time plays a vital role in our life. We are very uncertain about what will happen next. So, we do not know whether our good time is eternal or not. It is possible that the whole cycle can ger reversed. The one who is weaker now can turn out to be a winner in the time to come and one who is in winning position now can lose everything due to bad karma. Take a very good example of coal, Coal also changes to a diamond with time after rigorous hardship and struggles. According to Krishna, one should perform good deeds and lead a simple life.

2)    Proud (Garv), Pride (Abhimaan) and Arrogance (Ahankar). These three words may sound a bit synonymous but they have different meanings and results too. It all starts with self-love. When a person works hard it makes him proud, if he gets successful in his work then it generates pride in him which is not wrong up to some extent. But when the same person thinks that he is the only one who does the work best, that results in initiating arrogance. That’s the time when the problem originates. Now the question is how to stop this? How to recover after the damage is done? How to differentiate between proud, pride and arrogance?

The answer is within your heart. Whenever a person tries to improvise his skills and bring himself to a good position, that is perfectly fine. But when he starts making fun of others and tries to bring others down, then it’s the time to stop because that is arrogance which would bring him down sooner or later.

3)   Most Important Sense Organ:  Body is the Most difficult creation of Almighty. The human body is provided with 5 senses (eyes, nose, ear, skin, and tongue) for recognition of things, knowledge sharing, protection of skin etc. We have two eyes to see the world, two ears to listen, the skin covering the body to shield the body, nose which has two holes called nostrils for identifying the smell, a tongue to taste.

Have we ever thought why are we provided with 2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 nostrils and complete body but only 1 tongue in our body?

It’s because nature wants us to see more through eyes, listen more to learn and gain knowledge through ears, feel more through the body, smell more to differentiate between good and bad by the nose. But why only one tongue? It’s an indication to speak less. One should not waste energy in talking, rather should believe in actions and performing tasks with perfection and dedication.

4)    Know your Weakness: Have you wondered what your weakness in this life journey is?

Money!!! No

Pride!!! No

Family!!! No

It’s your secrets.

One who has not shared his secrets to anyone has no weakness at all. Do not share your secrets to anyone, not even to your friends since there can be a time in your life when a friend turns into a foe and reveal your biggest secret of life to others and it may become a major setback for you.

The best example that you can take is of Vibhisana who revealed his brothers’ secret to Lord Rama that helped Rama to defend the powerful king Ravana who was invincible till then, as nobody knew his weakness.

Good one are those who haven’t been caught

5)    Do not Cheat: What is required to get successful in life?

Hard work!! Yes

Hardship!! Yes

Can it be achieved by copying others or cheating? Definitely No. In your school, many would have passed exams by cheating by small help from friends. Why was this possible? Have you ever thought that? Because the question paper was same and answers were same too. But in life, each individual has their own set of questions provided by the almighty and only he can find answers to those questions through his own hardships. Henceforth, in life cheating is not possible in any case, as for each individual, answers are different from others. So do not cheat others’ lifestyles, the way of working, inventions etc. to find your own peace and your answers. Find solutions to your queries on your own and then only you will be successful in life.

6)    Never leave the path of Truth: Right now, the best example coming to my mind is water cycle. In this process, the ocean storage gets stored as Cloud by the process of evaporation. Then. with the process of transpiration by Sun, it gets converted to rain and it gets stored in rivers and lakes which eventually floats back to the ocean. The lesson from this is that one-day truth has to get revealed this way or that way. When there is a time of revealing the truth, then some people get scared because they are not ready to face the outcomes and they are not ready to face the repercussions. This is the time one should be ready to accept the truth.

7)    Revolt against the injustice: Many follow the practice of being silent in front of powerful. By doing this, you can save yourself from one conversation. But after a period of time, it will give rise to a bigger problem. If you stay quiet in front of the person who is following wrong practices, he would think himself as a superior being and would keep on dominating you and you will continue struggling. At this time, your duty is to revolt against the injustice. You are not scared because of the opponent’s strengths. You are worried about your inner fears. If you fight for your right and follow the path of dharma you will feel light and attain nirvana.

Radhe Radhe!!!

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