High Consumption of Soda and Soft Drinks increase the Risk of Kidney Disease

Kidney disease is one of the highest risks you can be subjected to. As a result, experts of nephrology often advise taking proper care of the kidney health. However, recently the studies have found that people who consume lots of sweetened and soda drinks are at the high risk of developing severe kidney disorders.

Kidney Disease: The Study

As per the study published by Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology (CJASN), the bodily evidence has been contributing against the signs of the sweetened beverages. All these sweetened beverages tend to have an adverse impact on overall health. The studies further added that the consumption of these drinks eventually increases the risk of kidney diseases, by destroying the kidney health.

The researches from John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, the US conducted a study among 3003 people. These were all American-African men and women who had normally functioning kidneys. After studying them, one of the researchers, Casey Rebholz from the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health stated, “There is a lack of comprehensive information on the health implications of the wide range of beverage options that are available in the food supply.”

Rebholz further added, “In particular, there is limited information on which types of beverages and patterns of beverages are associated with kidney disease risk in particular.”

Participants with an increased risk of KCD

Soft Drinks Kidney Disease

The research study began in 2000-04 and continued till 2009-13. This administered the question of developing the dangers and what the study stated. There were 3003 people taken to study. However, out of all, 185 people, a mere 6 percent of people had developed chronic kidney diseases. Within the specific period of just eight years, the people had already established the disorder. This proved to be extremely dangerous for the people.

Thus, the study brought into everybody’s notice that consumption of these highly sweetened soda drinks is responsible for kidney disorders. The fruit drinks are not safe too as they contain added preservatives or sugar which can harm the health. The water content in these juices also increases the risk of kidney disorder. If proper care isn’t taken, these diseases can eventually lead to kidney failure. Kidney failure can put you for dialysis.

The participants were divided into two sections, the higher consumption ones and the lower consumption ones. The people who consumed these sweetened drinks at higher rates in a similar pattern were at the risk of developing kidney diseases 61% more than those who drank lower amounts.

Kidney Disease: Shocking Revelation

One of the most surprising elements of the study was the presence of water that caused diseases. The primary component of these juices is noted to be water. However, the researchers were shocked when they got to know that the central element, water increases the risk of chronic kidney disorder. The patterned consumption of these beverages can be hazardous for the people.

The studies added that there are chances that the participants took other kinds of water too, such as sweetened and flavored water.

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