Pollution these days and measures to control and stay healthy

Ever since Diwali went by, pollution has increased at a rapid rate in Delhi. If you see those memes, you will be surprised to know how badly the air quality index of at Delhi has gone down. The smog around the city refuses to settle. This is eventually giving way to toxic air making it difficult for people to breathe. Another drawback is that the polluted air eventually leads to everything becoming toxic and causing serious problems such as throat infection. 

The rising risk of pollution in Delhi and its neighbouring states and cities is proving to be a major risk for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases and asthma. Although the government has been taking enough steps to bring it down, the effect just does not seem to go down. This however has a significant negative impact. Experts around the city are sharing their valuable tips to prevent pollution. 

Some of the tips that can help you prevent pollution and stay safe while you’re out on Delhi air to include the following

Don’t Go on morning walks

Why do we go for morning walks? To get a breath of fresh air. But when fresh air isn’t there and the available air is taken away by the toxic air, you should not go morning walks. Should not go in any of the outdoor activities until the morning toxic smog has settled. If you want to indulge in outdoor activities, make sure to shift it to evening. 

Air Purifying Plants

Get air purifying plants

While the air quality is deteriorating at a rapid rate outdoors, you can always ensure that you maintain the air quality indoors. Therefore, you can prefer getting the different air purifying plants such as ivy, aloe vera, spider plant and more. These should be placed in the homes and offices as it purifies the indoor air and lowers the pollution. 

Ventilate the kitchen and bathrooms

One of the easiest ways to avoid air pollution is to keep the kitchen and bathrooms ventilated. While you may install a chimney in the kitchen, you can put up exhaust in the bathroom. The presence of these ventilators ensures that your house is being ventilated properly. Taking good care of your interiors can help you stay protected against the risk of bad air to some extent. 

Don’t allow the kids outdoors

Compared to adults, the kids are at more risk of being affected by bad air quality. As a result, you should ensure that it is being maintained. Most of the schools around Delhi are suspending their schools for a few weeks until the air quality gets restored at normal level. 

Take steam in pollution

Take steam daily

You should put in a drop of eucalyptus oil in the water and take a steam of it every evening. This will help you keep your body free from germs and enhance the overall functionality. 

Purify car air

Cars are one of the main sources for rising air pollution in Delhi. Since so many cares are coming up with each passing day, you need to ensure that you ventilate your car as well. This can play an important role in keeping down the air quality. 

Consume Vitamin C and Omega fatty acids

A diet rich in vitamin C and Omega fatty acids can boost your immune system thereby making it able to revolt against rising pollution. 

Herbal Tea

A combination of herbal tea such as ginger tea and tulsi tea can play an important role in enhancing the entire impact. 

Wear masks 

Every time you go out, you need to ensure that you put on the masks. These masks are easily available in the market and can be your effective protection against air pollution.

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