A fun challenge for organizations? Here’s what you need to know about #FittestOrganisationChallenge

This year on International Yoga Day, Infidigit, shared a short video on major social platforms. The 1:20 second video showcased employees demonstrating yoga poses and kick started #FittestOrganisationChallenge. 

The challenge and the process for it was pretty simple. The challenge itself was to gather a few team members from your organisation and get them to demonstrate some yoga poses on camera. Once done, the video is to be shared on social media platforms under the hashtag #FittestOrganisationChallenge.  At the same time, you need to nominate individuals from your social and professional circles to take up the challenge. 

Created on the lines of the #HumFitTohIndiaFit challenge, the company tweaked the concept to highlight the need for regular fitness activities in organisations. As Kiran Washindkar, VP-Digital, Infidigit said, “We grew up participating in various outdoor activities over the years. However, once we settle into corporate life, many of us switch the active life for an inactive and unhealthy one. With #FittestOrganisationChallenge, we are trying to do our part to push individuals to get back to an active and fitter life. While the world has taken to yoga, why shouldn’t we?”

To watch the video that initiated this challenge, click below:

Know more about the campaign’s success with the following social media posts:

So, while #YogaDay2019 has passed by, the campaign still shows promise as participants are open to taking up the challenge even now. 

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