India’s First Coronavirus Patient Treated Successfully and discharged from Kerala hospital

The first Coronavirus Patient of India, an Indian student from Wuhan China, was successfully discharged after a month of treatment from a Medical College Hospital of Thrissur, Kerala. The Health Ministry of Kerala confirmed the news. 

The discharge of the student noted that all the confirmed cases had been treated. However, it is to be said that the first two cases which have been discharged were just under suspicion, and their repeated tests showed negative results. Yet, all the suspected patients have been asked to stay in isolation and remain quarantined in their house till 2nd March. 

The health ministry of Kerala is keen on promoting the campaign about a sneeze, cough, and other precautions. She reported that the state would be called free of Coronavirus once every suspected patient is free to walk. KK Shailaja, from State Health Ministry said, “Our vigilance and surveillance paid off. Whether it is surveillance, isolation, tracing contacts or home quarantine many spent sleepless nights. These are good lessons for us. We will not lower our guard now”

Post the detection of Coronavirus patients in Kerala; the state had declared a medical emergency. Once the third patient was suspected on 3rd February, the crisis was declared. Steps had been taken to keep the patients in isolation and thus promote the technicalities. The patients were kept in isolation, and a dedicated team of medical professionals was implied for her. 

The patient even thanked the officials for motivating her and helping her get through the problem easily. “I am charged with positive energy now. I have seen people toil to save my life. I never felt I was alone at the isolation ward. Many prayed for me. My respect and passion for the medical profession has increased manifold now.”

What is Coronavirus? 

Coronavirus or Covid-19 is one of the deadliest flu. It is considered to be more harmful than the general flu. More than 76,000 people have died in China. Although it does not really affect healthy people, Coronavirus can have a fatal impact on people with a weak immune system. Patients who have diabetes, cardiovascular disorder, and chronic respiratory diseases are at the most risk of being affected by Coronavirus. 

How is it transmitted? 

The virus is easily transmitted through physical and respiratory means. A drop of saliva through the infected person’s cough can prove to be extremely harmful and be one of the primary sources. 

As a result, if you fear being infected, you need to ensure that you wash your hands often after sneezing or coughing. Also, wearing a mask is advised to prevent the risk of being infected by infected people. Apart from that, diarrhea is yet another means of being infected. 

How did it spread? 

Coronavirus usually spreads through bats, but it is being suspected that it spread into humans through other mammal species. Chinese researchers state that pangolin may be one of the main reasons for spreading. 

What are the symptoms and treatment? 

Unfortunately, there has been no confirmed treatment for Coronavirus. Some of the symptoms of Coronavirus include cough, shortness of breath, fever, and other respiratory problems. Apart from that, there may be other symptoms, too, such as acute respiratory disorder, pneumonia, and death. 

Since there are no vaccines, there is no ultimate cure, but symptoms can be suppressed too. Most patients are given anti-viral medicines, but they have not proven to be that effective. 

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