6 daily habits that are silent killer of your spine health

Back pain is every common now-a days. From youngsters to old, there are many people who are suffering from it. Back pain is the third most common cause of surgery and fifth most common reason for hospitalizations. Back pain is never caused by a single event, it is generally a tendency of ignorance and our daily habits that increase the pain .

Our own negligence is the major cause behind this. Let’s take a walk through over some of our daily habits that elevate the pain.

  • Brushing

Yes! You heard it right.. We have been doing it wrong way throughout our life. The way we bend while brushing  causes pressure directly on our lower back.  The pressure on the spine is higher when we are in standing position & on top of that if we bend , it increases. If a person is already in pain then this activity can cause a severe damage to the disc.

incorrect way of brushing                   brushing your teeth in right wat=y

How to correct Brushing Habbits

Make sure you stand straight while brushing your teeth. Try to use a glass while rinsing and take a support of mirror or any object that is in front of you.

  • Carry bags

We generally tend to put all the things in one carry bag . This is normal human tendency. But , it directly impacts the lower part of  our spine. Due to imbalance at both the sides, nerver on one side of spine gets tensed too much leading to lower back pain.

carry bags causing back pain                      how to carry bags without back pain

How to correctly carry bags  

Make sure to always distribute the weight on both sides. Always ask for a second bag if it is too heavy. No matter if it chargeable, health is everything.  In worst cases, if you don’t get another bag then try to hold the bag from bottom giving support  of both the arms.

  • Backpacksoverloaded backpacks

Backpacks are commonly used by students & working professionals. Putting it one shoulder can prove very dangerous for the spine. It harms the neck area, shoulder blades & lower back.

How to correct

Make it a mantra to never overweight it.  Always carry your essentials only. Extra things should be kept at home. Also, make sure to use both the straps while hanging the bag so that weight  is distributed equally on both the shoulders.

how to lift objects off the floor

  • Improper bending to lift objects

We generally tend to directly bend to pick any object from the floor. Following this for multiple times tenses the lower back muscles causing the pain in the leg as well. Same is the vice-versa case, when we stretch to get the object from higher location, our spine to gets stretches in a wrong way.

How  to correctly lift objects

Make sure to always bend your knees first (like squat position) to pick up your objetcs & take a well-supported chair or stool to lift objects from higher location

  • Too much exercisetoo much excercize

You hear it right !! Exercise can be one of the reason.. As excess of everything is bad, too much exercise is also bad. It doesn’t give any extra benefits rather it puts pressure on the whole body specifically spine. Too much exercise or heavy weight lifting may result in lower disc pain.

How to correct 

Never  overdo your exercises.  If you are already suffering from pain , do not try such yoga poses or exercises that can elevate pain. Try to do it under a trainer after telling all your conditions upfront.

  • Ignoring the pain

As per survey, most of the people with severe pain had experienced minor pains multiple times earlier.

This is the biggest mistake. Never ever ignore a back pain even if its minor. Try to reach out a doctor or physiotherapist who can help you to overcome the pain and guide you through strengthening execises.

Based on the pain , age and several other factors exercises may differ from person-to-person. So, guys just DO NOT IGNORE  IT  AT ANY COST.

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