Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Cast with Real Names, Story and Where to Watch Episodes Online

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai gained immense popularity among the audience with its unique storyline. The show was premiered on 12 January 2019 and is the longest-running show of the television opera. The show is produced by Rajan Shahi under Kut Productions. 

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai Cast with Real Names 

The show has many veteran actors in the cast –

  • Hina Khan as Akshara Singhania. Akshara has the lead character playing the role of daughter of Rajshree and Vishambhar. Shauraya’s sister, Naitik’s wife, Naksh, and Naira’s mother. 
  • Karan Mehra as Naitik Singhania. Naitik has played the role of Gayatri and Raj’s son; Rashmi’s brother; Akshara’s husband; Naksh, and Naira’s father from 2009-2016, and after that, Vishal Singh has joined the show as Naitik from 2016-2018. 
  • Shivangi Joshi has been seen in two characters:
  1. Naira Singhania Goenka as Akshara and Naitik’s daughter. And after that Kartik’s wife, Kairav and Akshara’s mother from 2016-2021. 
  2. Sirat Shekhawat Goenka as Sheela’s daughter, Ranveer’s widow, Kartik’s wife, Kairav and Akshara’s stepmother, Arohi’s mother in 2021. 
  • Mohsin Khan as Kartik Goenka. He played the son’s role of Soumya and Manish. Naira’s widower and Sirat’s husband; Kairav, Akshara and Arohi’s father. 
  • Harshad Chopda as Abhi Birla, a doctor, and surgeon at Birla Hospital and Medical Institute. He is playing the role of the son of Manjari and Harshvardhan. 
  • Karishma Sawant is Arohi Goenka, who is playing the role of daughter of Kartik and Sirat. 
  • Pranali Rathod is playing the role of Akshara Goenka and will be seen as a musician. She is playing the role of Kartik and Naira’s daughter in the show. 

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai Story 

The story has many interesting twists and turns with two families caring for each other where relationships and relatives matter. The show has started with Naitik and Akshara marrying each other where they find it difficult to understand each other. But, with passing time their bond gets stronger and a baby boy Naksh was born. After a few years, Naira was born.

The story revolves around their love and family relationship. After a few years, the show continued with new characters Naksh, Kartik, and Naira. Kartik and Naira fall for each other and after a few dramas of orphanage bringing up of Naira, they married each other. Kartik and Naira were seen supporting each other where Naira opened her dance academy in the name of her mother. After Kartik doubted her relationship with another man, Naira left her and did the drama of her death. She gave birth to Kairav in Goa and lived a hidden life till Kartik didn’t find that Naira was alive. Besides this drama, the two lovebirds were seen as hate and love drama.

After so much drama and plot, the duo come together and Naira will give birth to Akshara. And after a few years, she got died and Kartik will meet up with Sirat, Naira’s lookalike and he will fall for him. After lots of twists and turns, they will team up and Sirat will give birth to Arohi. The show will start with a new cast of Akshara, Arohi, and Kairav all grown up and Kartik died in a plane crash and Sirat slipping from the stairs of the temple. Now, it would be interesting to see all three characters making a love triangle. 

Where to watch Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai? 

You can watch this show on Star Plus from Monday to Saturday from 9:30 p.m. to 10 p.m., or you can watch it online on Hotstar. The VIP members can watch the show same day but a non-VIP member on the next day. 

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